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B2G "the biggest transfer of wealth in American history, much worse than the robber barons."

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Nov 28, 2019
Alright, I'll do it But seriously, how do people get into these sorts of contracts?

I'm always shocked at the markup businesses are able to charge government services here in the UK. My dad works for the health service and they spend £6 on PLASTIC SPORKS! They have to be sterilised, but still, I could easily do that for £1-2 a spork.

Their contractors charge £6000 to install a toilet. Not even for the cubicle. Just the actual toilet itself. It's madness!


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Aug 17, 2016
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Great article here

Basically this is going over some fraudulent contract work regarding the navy...

but , just the size of us military spending makes this opportunity worth discussing.

The last time it was brought up on the forum it was regarding some lady who failed to deliver food to puerto rico after the hurricane on an 8 figure contract , she had multiple failed or cancelled gov contracts before and somehow was still getting them.

I know in the example linked above it was no bid fraud contracts and our own walter hay has advised against b2g because of nepotism and difficulty bidding however

If your competition is fraudsters and incompetent hucksters c'mon! Worth a try i'd imagine

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Walter Hay

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Sep 13, 2014
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I know in the example linked above it was no bid fraud contracts and our own walter hay has advised against b2g because of nepotism and difficulty bidding however
No-bid deals are very easy to win with a little bit of mutual back scratching. I have never done it in an unethical manner, but by salesmanship.

Like the very big contract to supply ID's for members of airport bomb squads. I won the contract simply by introducing a concept that had never been offered before in the ID industry.

Previously there had been no secure way to protect against the theft of the designs, or even genuine finished items that could have been used by thieves or terrorists.

I set up a sign-in-sign out system for every step of the way. Design concept, artwork, samples, verified destruction of manufacturing equipment and production rejects.

If anyone wants to enter the security ID business, this would be the way to go, because not only is such a system not used anywhere to my knowledge, but the buying officer readily understands there are substantial costs involved in such a security system, and must be recovered, so the price might be higher than expected. :innocent: :halo:



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Feb 8, 2019
B to G in defense is the most lucrative business ever. You give them quality and reliability and cost is not a problem.

The problem is that most channels are occupied by big enterprise and the buyer (who are the government bureau) have little incentive to choose a cheaper and smaller new player with little track record to risk their own career.

But once you find the small niche in the B to G business in national defense it will good money.

In Singapore military we have private contractors who are communication consultants to teach people business ethics and skills to integrate back to the civilian life. You cannot communicate with the F bomb in every sentence just because that was how life was for the past five years. That is a market I see that have a chance for small players.

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