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Aviation dreams


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May 20, 2024
Hey everyone! A little background - I'm at present a Mental Health Coach. I went to college, where I had an amazing serial entrepreneur professor who taught Art Entrepreneurship. Him and his class opened my eyes to the path of the Fastlane, and a better life. He actually lived what he preached, and he inspired me more than I can say in words, at a very vulnerable time in my life. I'll be forever grateful to him.

After college, I happened across an early startup doing coaching. I liked helping people and psychology, so I gave it a shot. I liked it, but the job-ness of it slowly dampened my passion for coaching over the years. I became thoroughly burnt out, hit a low point, and so when my ex-partner asked me what I wanted to do instead of coaching, I surprised myself when said I wanted to become a pilot. I have always wanted to fly since I was a kid. I remember asking the tooth fairy for the power to fly, lol. I just hadn't put the pieces together before that moment, because I had a lot of limiting beliefs.

So now I have big dreams. Intimidating dreams. No matter the path I choose, airline captain or hobbyist aviator, it's going to be expensive to fly. Wildest dream? I'd love to own and fly a Cirrus Vision Jet. (3M price tag, $1,500/hr) Of course, I'd love to ride in a military jet too, just for the experience. And indulgently feed my hobby of aviation photography. Tough to do all that with a 9-5.

My mom discouraged me from business, and pushed me to pursue a job. I was looking for a job for about two years, on and off. Couldn't find anything. All I could get were jobs that would pay me less than I already make, and I couldn't afford to take them if I wanted to. It was incredibly demoralizing, and I got non-clinically depressed because I felt helpless and lost. I got out of that depression when I started to consider business again. It gave me hope. Control, freedom, power, agency... everything I was looking for. So I sought to learn about business, and found The Millionaire Fastlane was recommended from an Ali Abdaal Youtube video on financial freedom. And so here I am. At the time of writing I am almost done with Millionaire Fastlane . I have a notebook of ideas, and I'm eager to enter a new road, and hit the pedals full send. Looking forward to being a part of this community.
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