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INTRO Anyone here? (Lurker, finally decided to sign up!)

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Mar 22, 2017

So…. am I a millionaire? No. Not yet.

A little intimidated to post since there are a lot of successful people on here...

Anyway, I was involved with Network Networking for a few months in 2015. Unfortunately, I couldn't make it work. To anyone curious, it's a company founded in America that was endorsed by Donald Trump.

Lesson learned: Never involve family/friends with business, developed pitching skills and realised personal development is fundamental to success. Also, "motivational brainwashing" only gets you so far. You need something that really drives you (intrinsic motivation).

My First Mentor

After my short venture with MLM, I had a mentor. He was a multi-millionaire from the UK; (won't reveal his name here) and I was part of his mentorship programme.

In short, he helped me create my own digital product from scratch. I learned about digital marketing, sales funnels, websites, outsourcing etc. He guided me with email marketing to create my own list to market this product to. In addition to this, he would market it to his affiliate list and JV's.

I was so excited!

I was finally ready to launch....

It was a front-end digital product with a membership site at the back-end with a few 'ends' in between; teaching people how to get rich using Twitter as a system. I was guided to pick a niche in the Internet Marketing world.

Problem is.... I've never used it before... it's not my success?

And I created it?!

It's misleading....

I didn't launch it.

I didn't want to mislead people and putting my name on something like this; could ruin my future business reputation. It just didn't feel right. I took a break after this.

At one point, I was working on a project. Uhh..... it wasn't very mainstream.

Basically, I managed to pin point a pretty serious 'flaw' in an online system.... I spent several months of research and testing this and it all worked. And it could all be done "anonymously". I even introduced a friend to it. "Profits" were estimated to be very high and it was very scalable.

But brutal honestly here, it was illegal as f*ck and I'm glad I didn't go down that road... I got rid of all the hard drives and external storage so I can never be tempted ever again...

Before this, I was involved with affiliate marketing for a subscription based service. My method was really simple.... communicating with the right people. It was a nice side-income but they stopped paying me. LOL. I didn't like the lack of control anyway.

After all this chaos...I left the internet and social media.

After TONS of peer pressure and a few other things, I finally gave into conformity and started university.

Current Life
I am studying Cyber Security (BSc) at university, in my second year. I was never the "academic type" but nerds around me help me change that... kinda. I know web development (actually, Fox's thread has inspired me to sell my services very soon... you don't know me but thank you tons @Fox), Uhm… database systems, oracle, mysql, Java programming, android development and basically things like that. My degree is my back-up plan but I am committed to starting a side business while studying.

A tiny bit of background information
My parents came to England when they were very young... from a third world country.... my father started a successful business in the catering industry (It's not Fastlane but still successful I guess). At the same time, I saw many people around me fail with their start-ups. The statistics don't lie. But, still, I always knew I would get into Entrepreneurship.

I started to travel since September last year (for the money I made from part-time jobs and student loans... honestly, I don't like to use my parent's money). I've travelled to Paris, Amsterdam, Belgium and recently, Canary islands, Tenerife. I want to do it more and again. I love the freedom. This is my primary motivation. I was super motivated after I got back from Tenerife. I knew I had to get back out there. That's when I found the Fastlane forum. And the book.

The Fastlane book
It clarified everything for me and I learned a ton. No fluff, just actionable content. Because of this, it made me more skeptical...I thought, "this guy's backend must be crazy!". Of course, I'm still waiting for the back end (ha, just kidding).

Honestly, the title should be "Wake the f*ck up".

Thank you @MJDEMARCO, it’s so great to be here.

P.S. Sorry…. didn’t mean to make this so lengthy and apologise in demand about the grammatical errors, I ain't as good as I used to be.

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MJ DeMarco

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Jul 23, 2007
Fountain Hills, AZ
Unfortunately, I couldn't make it work.

More than likely it wasn't YOU - but the system in which you channeled your effort.

Cyber Security (BSc) at university

Excellent focus of study, you'll have no problem finding a job there, if need be.

thought, "this guy's backend must be crazy!". Of course, I'm still waiting for the back end (ha, just kidding).

No back end, other than an INSIDER subscription here at the forum which I don't even push.

Welcome aboard and great intro!


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Feb 28, 2017
Hey Raaa,

Welcome! I'm still getting acquainted to the forums here as well. I also found @Fox 's advice extremely helpful, as a few weeks ago I knew nothing about HTML/CSS, but now know the basics after working on a udemy course.

I'm in a different boat than you as I'm currently working an Investment Banking job in NYC and looking for something to start on the side so that I can escape that toxic culture.

Looking forward to seeing your future posts!

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