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WEB/DIGITAL Amazon Turks - Great resource for defined onlined tasks


New Contributor
Aug 28, 2007
I was having a lunch with a friend of mine who is launching his own company and he asked if I had heard of Amazon Turks. I hadn't heard of it and he explained it is platform that allows you to outsource some of your online tasks for cheap.

Basically the idea is that you post a task that someone online can perform.
  • You list out the steps that you want the person to do.
  • You then list out the information that you want to receive back from the person performing the task. You are able to customize the feedback form. You can use a simple text box, radio buttons, check boxes or a couple of other options.
  • You then set the price that you will pay for this task.
  • People search for the tasks that they want to do and then submit the feedback for your approval after they have completed the task.
  • You then have the option of approving or rejecting them depending on how good their response was.
I set up a task to review a website of mine. There were multiple steps that I asked the workers to complete and I paid them .05 cents each for doing the task. I had 20 people complete my task and I received some great feedback about the organization and link structure of my site and it costs my a $1.

Take a look at the tasks that are being offered. There is a lot of potential to have some mundane tasks done for really cheap. I'm guessing there are some really creative people who could use this service to build their online business.

Here is a link to Amazon's site to create tasks:

Here is a link to the Amazon's site to search for tasks to complete:

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Bronze Contributor
Aug 28, 2007
anyone know if there is an alternative? or maybe you can help me solve a problem with mturk jonlee?

I am looking to enable one person to complete multiple hits for me. I do not care if they complete the whole batch I am looking for. Is this possible? Am I missing something? Must I go to a competitor? IS there one?

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