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Advice on a golf instruction business.....

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Feb 6, 2014
- I had an account here for quite a few years but can’t remeber my login info. I was an insider for one year.

- little about me...25 years old been playing golf since I was a child. I am a plus handicap......I know the golf swing inside and out. I’ve read all the books watched hours and hours of pro swings throughout history it’s been a passion of mine for a long time to master this craft. I recently moved to Las Vegas from the east coast to improve on my skills full time to eventually turn pro.

I’ve been having trouble finding a job that pays the bills while at the same time affording me the free time throughout the day to play and practice.

Bartending gigs are hard to come by here without experience. I’m thinking about side hustles something I can make 150 dollars plus a day. I feel with my high understanding of golf, it will give me the best money/time ratio. I’ve helped dozens of strangers in the past, friends and family shoot lower scores and quite frankly level up faster that gives them more joy playing this great game. The thing about golf is in order to truly enjoy it you need to develop a basic foundation of skill or else you will hate it. That’s where I come in.

- If anyone can point me in the right direction in terms of how to go about this business. Starting up a website....pricing.....getting you have taken lessons what are the some of the problems you’ve faced with the instructor?

I’m feeling some pain that MJ talks about the last few months...searching for a job that eats up all my time...that pays peanuts. It’s very disheartening applying for jobs that I don’t care for that will make me just over broke. So I’m going away from the typical slow lane school of thought once and for all and desperately want to build up a side hustle to afford me more freedom and choices. If anyone who has or had success in growing a one man service business or is a golf enthusiast that has thoughts anything would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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May 25, 2015
Dallas, TX
Las Vegas? Go to the Top Golf there and ask to be an instructor. You can build up a network from there


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Oct 30, 2017
- If anyone can point me in the right direction in terms of how to go about this business. Starting up a website....pricing.....getting you have taken lessons what are the some of the problems you’ve faced with the instructor?
I literally just posted my intro. If you check it out and see what I'm interested in doing, I think helping you establish something online from scratch could be a great opportunity for the both of us to grow. Hear out what everyone has to say here, but message me if you want to discuss further.

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