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WEB SCHOOL Accepting the Status Quo No More - My Path to Fastlane by starting off as a Web Designer to Quit My Day Job

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Read Millionaire Fastlane
Sep 6, 2020
United States
Hey Fastlaners,

First off: I am going to quit my job in 60 days. Sorry, 58 now. My two-week notice is already typed and ready to be sent on the 46th day. I have put myself in an uncomfortable situation to make sure

This is going to be the keep-my-self-accountable thread where I plan to quit my crap full-time day job trading 9 hours of my life for a $2000 monthly check that goes straight to bills and rent.

I am going to keep this short, sweet, and very concise.
Little about me:
1. Right now I work at a retail job full-time as an assistant manager. I make 17 an hour and let me tell you, I am not happy about that at all.
2. I am not unfamiliar with web design (I majored in Graphic Design in College which was a huge waste but luckily was on a scholarship so 0 debt.)
3. I am not unfamiliar with HTML/CSS as I ran a web design business ONCE for ONE client. Burned me out. Hated it.
4. I understand that Web Design (at least service-based) is not a Fastlane business but I am hoping that it will free up time for me to create my own Fastlane business.

Now to the meat of the first progress post:

I finished Millionaire Fastlane about sometime in the last 2 weeks and it was an eye-opening book. I was a Slowlaner. I put my money into stocks, had a 401k from that same crappy retail job, and due to my personality of just wanting and knowing I was meant for more, I fell into a tad mental depression about what I am doing in life.

So after reading every gold thread I came across Foxy's Web School Thread and it sounds very interesting. I checked out his free videos (and they are immensely helpful so if you have not checked it out) and came to the conclusion starting my own Web Design business will be the first step I take into leaving mediocrity. Immediately I knew that if I did not commit right away I would over analyze, over rationalize, and never take the step.

So this is where I begin my journey.
I purchased a domain under my full name. I purchased hosting. I already began working on my site and pretty much finished besides needing to have 3 portfolio pieces. My mom and dad both run businesses, so I figured they will be my first 2 portfolio pieces. I told my co-worker the plan, and he got me another client to do Pro-Bono work. As I type this, I am actually on Code Academy AND working on my mom's website for her business. I am making sure that I am always moving forward and not staying complacent.

So as of today September 16th I have learned HTML/CSS, I am learning to Copywrite, I have finished my own personal site, and I am working on 3 pro-bono client jobs and plan to finish them within the next week or two.

I hope that my journey will help those reading take the step necessary, leaving mediocrity behind for a life full of wealth (whatever that may mean for you)

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Read Millionaire Fastlane
Sep 6, 2020
United States
Now I won't post every day but today is a very special occasion.

Today... for the first time since I was 18 (Seriously took me a decade)
I Paid Off All My Debt!
I am 100% Debt Free!

No Credit Card Payments.
No Payment Past Payments Owed to the IRS.

Fellow Fastlaners the feeling of liberation from owing the system money every month due to over-consumption is absolutely intoxicating.

But, I will not let this new freedom slow me down. Tomorrow, I still will be putting the pedal to the metal and continue my Freelance Web Design portfolio work. I have a call with one of Foxy's Web School people. I am going to keep the momentum up.

Paying off my debt was not an event. It was part of the process of financial freedom and control.

Jasper S

Read Millionaire Fastlane
Jul 14, 2020
Chicagoland Area
It seems like you have an excellent mindset and congrats on getting rid of debt!

As someone who has been kind of a little here and a bit there on learning web development until recently (finally launched my first website earlier this year) I look forward to following this thread.

Keep the pedal to the metal!

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