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A Bio-Hacking Discussion: Cold Showers, Nicotine, Cryo, Float Tanks...


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Jul 4, 2012
Quick tip on meditation, I got from Andrew Huberman's podcast: make sure to choose the correct type of meditation depending on your present need. 2 main types he covered are interoceptive and exteroceptive meditation, and you want to do the opposite of what your present mental state is.
If you're too in your head (interoceptive), you'd do an exteroceptive meditation. So for example just stare at a leaf in the distance or listen to a bird chirping outside.
If you're too scatterbrained and having trouble focusing on the task at hand (exteroceptive), do an interoceptive meditation. For example, do a body scan or focus on your breathing or "3rd eye" (forehead).
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Feb 8, 2019


BizyDad's fitness coach
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Apr 17, 2022
Perfect example of what happens if you live your life the right way.

Natural human lifespan is estimated at around 120 years, on average.
That's the age most of us would reach if we stopped destroying our bodies every single day.

60 years old should be mid life and you should look like 40.
At 100 years old you should look like 70.


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May 9, 2021
Update: Yeah so trying out low % zyn pouches was surprisingly effective- I see why Attia and Hubermann use them 2-3x a day.

I don't like what it does to my heart rate still, but considering I'm carrying a lot of bs and stress from my dayjob that used to prevent me from being able to focus it's a decent trade off. I would just stare at my monitor after work and it was like I was hitting a huge wall. Now I just get back from work, pop a pouch, and I have a great 2-3 hours of solid work before I tuck in. I just need to hone in my daily system a bit more so I can get off these asap once I leave the job and take this full time.

Best paths I see right now are to hone in my sleep more, move it from 9pm-4:45am to about 10pm-6am that I think my body works better with and see what I can do to get more choline in my diet. I'm already eating about 18-24 eggs a week and plenty of fish though, so I'm thinking it could just be mental exhaustion/burnout.

If you listen to Huberman i'm sure you know the effects of cold showers on your long term motivation. It sucks for 3 minutes, but you get lasting positive effects in terms of adrenaline and dopamine.

Dude, this was a great suggestion! I stopped taking cold showers a few years ago for some reason but your post had me hop back on it. I think they actually helped me get over a stall I had with my weight loss, had a pretty good downtrend in my weight this week and some better energy.
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