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63k New Organic Followers In The Past 60 Days - How To Monetize? [Plan Needed For 100k]

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New Contributor
Dec 5, 2017
Hi all,

Long time lurker here, finally biting the bullet and taking something to post here.

So in the past I have made a few Instagram accounts with the hopes of growing them and potentially selling them on after reading a few success stories on here - which was to ABSOLUTELY no avail (maybe I am just bad at it, or the guides or outdated or whatever, but all in all - not a vibe).

I deleted some of the accounts, some were banned, some are still out there that I am locked out of - but I kept 1 of them for myself. It started out with just photography of landscapes in my country (quite a famous one for tourism / nature and stuff) and scheduled posts etc to keep it going but to put it mildly it was awfully slow - and because of that was pretty inconsistent etc.

Back on 26th May I changed my approach after speaking with a friend, and began posting reels of areas that are not too well known as main tourism spots, but good places that locals would go to that would not disappoint, and to put it mildly shit got crazy, QUICK.

Had to turn notifications off on my phone as every time I refresh there are new notifications coming in, day or night makes no difference. Decent engagement at the moment [2-3% depending on the content].

But in saying all this I have not made a cent from it yet, and I am glad that I am in no rush to start it as I do not want to effect the growth rate as it is going good for the moment - but does anyone know of any accounts of similar and how they went about monetizing it? At the moment I have SO many ideas of how to go about it eventually, but need to take one step at a time - and start with the most straightforward option first, which in my mind appears to be working with high end hotels on an affiliate / commission standard as there is a split between those who are already living here / looking to travel, but as you can probably tell I have no idea what I am doing.

Would be great to chat to anyone who might have an insight into best path forward myself? Thanks in advance
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New Contributor
Dec 5, 2017
Have you reached out to those potential affiliates yet?
Hey man,

No not yet, planning to start in the next week or so to have it ready to "go live" for when the 100k followers come around. I have started a FB group also for more "dedicated" followers so to speak as think it would be good to use them as an initial testing launch group to see what works / what doesn't etc and then take it from there.

Have comms and stuff drafted to these hotels but just have to see if it would be feasible - as in do I just start with 10 hotels spread throughout the country starting out and say maybe 5 spas and see what happens? Or do I just spread the net large and wide and get a script to help with my outreach efforts and hit everyone that I can.

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