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4 Key elements to building a solid brand


I was watching a webinar yesterday abot building your brand name and found this to be interesting:

The 4 Key Elements to Building a Solid Brand

1) Great brands are transparent. Everything matches from the business cards, to the website, to the office, to your marketing, to the people that work for you. Everything is consistant. IE: Disneyland brand is "We make people smile" Every single person and thing from the janitors to waiters to signage and rides is aimed to make you smile.

2) Great brands are remarkable. Is your marketing focused on the same things as everyone else? "we've been in business for XXX years, we have quality products and good service" is not remarkable...it's the same as everyone else. A good example of something remarkable is Richard Branson...Virgin mobile isn't remarkable, but the things that Richard Branson does are remarkable (hot air ballooning around the world, going to space, etc) and it brings attention to his company.

3) Great brands stir up emotions. People by on emotions then justfy their purchase rationally. Example: The most profitable TV commercial of all time was deemed to be the MacDonald's commercial from a few years ago. It had shown an image of a young gear getting pushed on a swing. When she was at the hi point she was laughing and smiling and happy, when she reached the low point of the swing, she started balling and crying. Then in the final couple of seconds of the commercial the camera did a 180 turn to show the view form the kids perspective and when she was at the hi point she could see the Golden Arches, but when she was at the low point the golden arches were below the horizon....

4) Great brands are personable. You aren't speaking to an audience, you are speaking to 1 person at a time. Use a sniper approach and not a 'spray and pray' shotgun approach. Do you have different marketing materials and campaigns for different demographics or client categories?