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Ish Ma

New Contributor
Dec 23, 2019
Hey guys! Hope you all are well. My name is Ish and im not new to this forum but i am new to posting.
Ive read the millionaire fastlane several times and it has resonted with me deeply. Ive yet to execute any of my fastlane ideas. Currently I am in the 9-5 slowlane grind of clinical research stacking my capital. It pays well but i'd rather be poor and rich in time. Plus the monotony of routine has begun to numb my soul. I havent even been doing this job for a year!

That is the problem with the millionaire faslane. Once you have read it and reread it, it is like looking behind the looking glass and seeing how the whole show is set up. This is especially the case upon reading unscripted, which is a behemoth of a redpill. I find myself day dreaming about having a new life, waking up and not having anything on the agenda. Being wealthy is not necessarily the goal, so much as it is having my freedom. I desire optionality. To wake up and realize i can do as my soul wishes. Ive no overlord to answer to, no bills to pay, no obligations outside of the ones i set for my self. It is my goal to bring my family back to America so they can have a better quality of life. Im not compaining, i live a blessed not rich but i am not poor. I am not happy but i am not depressed either. I just want MORE. MORE LIFE. i want to live. I want to have the freedom to pursue my ultimate goals, which is to contribute greatly to society in the realm of science.

Well enough babble, ive been lurking on this post and between the pages MJ DeMarco's tremendous books for quite some time. Now ive taken it upon my self to stop action faking and to have some godam skin in the game. This post, and the subsequent ones, are more so accountability posts rather than feedback posts. Although any feedback is greatly appreciated. That being said, ive recently begun an internet marketing company. Got it set up as a legal entity and eveything. My goal is to make 1000 dollars in one month.
In addition to that, i want to express my gratitutde to everyone on this forum. We're all going to make it! HURRAH!!

Also, MJ DeMarco, if youre reading this, honestly.....Thank you & god bless you for telling it how it is. Ive recommended your book to everyone I know. Ive read it more times than I can even count. Thank you once more and god bless.

Best Regards,

Ish MA

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Bronze Contributor
Speedway Pass
Dec 14, 2020

That being said, ive recently begun an internet marketing company. Got it set up as a legal entity and eveything. My goal is to make 1000 dollars in one month.

I would also make sure you have answered: How are you going to take peoples money in one month? How many clients do you need to get $1000 at your current prices? How are you going to put yourself between customers and competition and take over 1000 dollars from peoples pockets in a month?

Have you figured these things out yet?

And why 1000 dollars? why not 10,000 dollars and be happy if you make 5K? Lack of self belief?

I don't ask these things to be combative - it's just crazy how many people don't get this stuff figured out, instead they get their little paper that says they are a business, they get their trade mark, they spend some money on unnecessary stuff and haven't ever asked the question : WHERE IS THE MONEY? HOW MUCH?

Two months later they are posting on forums claiming e-commerce/internet marketing/other highly competitive field doesn't work anymore because it's 'saturated'.

We're all going to make it! HURRAH!!
No we're not, most people will forever be stuck pretending to take action, never building business sense, never working hard enough and eventually crushed by economic reality.

80% of people don't have it in them to work hard enough to be at the top, we live in a world where we people are rewarded for mediocrity.

What is business really? You can say a lot of business today is stress tolerance, you take other peoples stress and handle it.

People today have been groomed to not tolerate the slightest stress.

That's just making it, even less have what it takes to stay at the top.

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