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30-Day-Value Challenge to productivity app! (Intoduction, Story, Help needed)

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New Contributor
Read Unscripted!
Oct 17, 2021
Hi there,
I'm new on this forum. 21 year old student, read Unscripted last year.
In it, MJ states the 30-day-value challenge. To build something of value within 30 days and sell it.
It took 50 days for me. And now (1 year later) I earned about 100$ with it!
But I spend 250$ lol.

I had this idea for an app, which would ask you to reevaluate your decision to open another app (Eg. YT, IG, Reddit).
I had this compulsion to open Instagram without any second thoughts. I wanted an app which would pop up for a certain amount of second and remind me to use my time mindfully.
I began with learning Java from scratch, and within 50 days of programming and reading (and copying) lots of stackoverflow questions I had a working version.
I promoted it on Reddit (r/digitalminimalism). People liked it. Some donated a few bucks, and others even helped me to improve the layout and functionality for free, just because they liked it that much!!
I even programmed a windows version!

I know it's naive, but really thought my app would get downloads like crazy in no time!

Because I was so hyped about choices. I mean, I didn't had a choice after reading Unscripted :
"autonomy, or intentional behaviour and choice, accounts for a whopping 40 percent of our happiness"
"the foresight into the consequences of our actions and knowing that our choices are unfairly weighted toward the bad ones. Actually, “unfair” is understated—it’s ridiculously uneven"
"Good choices float like feathers while the poor ones sink like anchors"

I knew there were a lot of productivity apps out there, app-blockers, timers, etc. But none of them would let YOU make the choices. All of them take the responsibility from you, instead of helping you to make your own decisions...

I knew I made some mistakes:
- Focused on what I wanted/needed instead of what the market wants (Even though I think the market needs my app )
- Spend about 100$ in useless marketing and a even more useless freelancer gig
- Spend about 80$ in a license (so that it shows the app is by me and not by "unknown" when running it, but windows still sees it as "potential threat")
- Even if my app was (would be?) successful, it probably isn't a productocracy♂️

But I learned a lot:
- Java programming (I would never have thought of building such a cool and complex app all by myself within half a year! )
- Website building (My own website for only 80$/4 years!)
- I know I can learn anything, if I want to. No joke!

I hope it isn't considered advertising if I paste a link to my website and my app here, so you guys can maybe check it out and give me tips (about literally everything: Suggestions for improvement, marketing...):

Thanks for taking the time to read, even though english isn't my mother language!
Kind regards,
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New Contributor
Read Rat-Race Escape!
Read Fastlane!
Read Unscripted!
Speedway Pass
Mar 12, 2021
Hi Jonas,
It sounds like an overall good experience for you. Thanks for sharing! I like your app idea and would download it if it were available for iPhone.
In my opinion it’d be better if you explained how to use the app with voice in the video tutorial, otherwise it’s too much reading:)

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