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INTRO 25yr old Designer/Developer here to learn

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Apr 11, 2018
Hey all, I'm a 25 yr old Designer/Developer in America. I have a well-paying (but not elite) job but can't stand working for other people. I want to start my own business and eventually retire to pursue passions and travel. Life is short and I want to make the most of it. Here's my story.

I grew up in a middle-class family and got a great education. When I was a teenager, my dad lost his job as his industry was suffering. He started his own business as at-home travel agent. My mom started her own at-home business, a home daycare when I was even younger. I really admire that about them and also find the same entrepreneurial spirit inside myself. Having just finished TMF, I now see that although they both get to "be their own boss", they aren't detached from time and still have to put in the hours to get paid. They're not fastlane.

I went to a great tech university and studied digital art and programming. I've done game dev, web dev, 3d modeling, Augmented Reality, graphic design, and even some illustration. I went ahead and got my Masters from the same university after working for a year, and got tuition covered by working part-time as a Graduate Research Assistant program. During this time, I saw the degree as a chance to get ahead in my career path, which I had decided would be as a web designer/developer. I finished my Masters a year and a half ago, and I started working full-time soon after.

One of my major life goals is to become financially independent. I discovered the concept of "FI" maybe 2 or 3 years ago on reddit and it really changed my outlook on life. I am someone who values independence and freedom, and suddenly I had a clear goal.

I learned a lot about personal finance and investing. I have a sensible budget, a nest egg of savings, and a healthy amount in investments. No major debts except a low-interest car payment that I can afford. Overall I'm in good financial health and have been focusing on investing and career development. I have been learning new skills related to my field, with the intent to further my career. My goal was to shift into the blockchain industry, as I have been interested and researching the technology for a while now. I see demand causing salaries in that industry to rise rapidly.

But making a higher salary was always a means to an end. I wanted to make more so I could invest more, and get out of the rat race once I had enough. But after reading TMF, I realize that this isn't the best plan. I'd still be trading 5 for 2 and I'd have to be exceptional to rise to the top of these companies where the real money is made. And investing in markets isn't enough either. I own cryptos and hope for outsized returns there but it is all speculative at the end of the day.

I just finished the book yesterday, after finding this forum a couple weeks ago. I have Unscripted but haven't started it yet, will read it soon. Now my mindset is about finding a business that is truly fastlane and satisfies NECTS. I have a couple ideas in mind related to blockchain technology and decentralized apps. I'm still in the ideation phase. Keeping my ears open for "open roads" that people might lead me to.

If anyone has advice or resources on performing market research and developing business models I would appreciate it. These are skills I am still developing.

I'm more of a lurker on most forums than an active poster, but I can see there is a wealth of knowledge here and hope to contribute back when I have things to share.

Nice to meet you all.

- Ani

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