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2 Golf Jokes, & the Benefits of Failure


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Jul 8, 2017
Northeast Ohio
I find jokes like these funny. I actually laughed OL when I read them. Also, I tend to draw up more creativity after a good giggle, which positively impacts my work. A few of my athletic performance clients are golfers...hopefully they don't see these :)

Golfer: The doctor says I can't play golf.
Caddy: Oh, he's played with you too, huh?

Golfer: Well, what do you think of my game?
Caddy: I guess it's all right, but I still like golf better.

Something else about these jokes is that they remind me to find the humor in my own failures. About a week ago, I designed a book cover and posted it on this forum. I have no design experience, and the cover sucked. MJ responds to my post and says, "Horrible." Lol. Just one word.

(He then went on to provide helpful feedback, which I've applied)

I laugh when I think of this experience. My cover was simply not good (see how bad it was for yourself: Book Cover-- What do you think of it? ). Now, however, my final cover isn't going to suck because I was willing to put my terrible work out there and apply the feedback the people on this forum offered. What I see everywhere I go in life are multitudes of people who want to cling to their own concepts and ideas of the world, even if those ideas and concepts don't get them the results they want, more than they want to have success and happiness. It happens in relationships, athletics, and of course, business!

I may fall flat on my face as an entrepreneur, but I can tell you that it certainly won't be because I was too thick-skulled to let go of my own ideas and learn about what actually works. This mindset has given me great success in athletics, and from what I'm reading on this forum, it works in entrepreneurship as well. It helps me to remember that Michael Jordan was known among his teammates as the most willing to improve as a basketball player. First to show up to practice, and last to leave. I choose to see a link between his willingness to improve and his success as a player, and I'd like to apply that to my own life.

Here's to seeing the humor in our fail-moments.
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