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Lee Ashby

New Contributor
Sep 14, 2016
About 18 months ago, I was reaching out wondering why our $47 ebook and audio program weren't selling. Man I was green. I still am so green and have so much to learn. I learnt some valuable lessons from this forum and in general through trial and error -and understanding its not as easy as it seems.

In this post I want to give back, and share my progress. Hopefully it helps, I'll also identify my growth points. Happy to take advice and field any questions you may have.

Ok. So the biggest down time I had was launching a digital program to crickets. Ads, landing pages you name it, it all sucked and didn't convert (many reason). My confidence and mindset were pretty beat and 6 months in a caravan with the dream of travelling and working online were coming to and end. (we're in Australia).

With savings drying up we were headed back into my partners house in regional victoria. A last ditch effort was to try a 1 on 1 in person approach for our services. (counselling / life coaching).

I took the chance on a paid for course - and pinned our hopes and dreams on it. It was about creating premium packages for our service. (I wont drop the coaches name here?) The course was exactly what we needed and before you know it we had a couple of high paying clients for coaching and counselling! 1 on 1 - Locally is what people wanted.

I developed content and the premium package with a "just in time" approach and it was working. Needless to say now we are much more organised and have more systems in place for less stress and a platform for growth.

The demand appeared to be for relationship counselling, so we focussed on that. Luckily my partner has lots of experience and training so meeting the demand was ok. We fast tracked more professional training and creditation in this area as well.

One thing I wanted to mention that the training provided was not only the "how-to" and strategy but the mindset.

I didnt know it at the time, but I had low self worth, and was scared to value my/our services high.

I continue to work through this and know I have much more work to do.

Having money come in was great! I used our digital product we created as a bonus for the clients and have since developed a members area on the website that paying clients get access to. The clients love the material (especially the audios) - yet we couldnt sell them on their own.

My time is taken up with writing the landing pages / content pages, working on improving the programs and helping my partner with the clients and their needs. I also work on the systems and management of the whole show.
We use 10to8 for booking clients
We use insightly for our CRM
We use synology for our files and documents and backups etc (local storage)

The Future:

I'd like to market and sell the members area as its own product soon - but don't want to repeat my previous failures. I think honing in on the purpose / content to demonstrate the value is what I will need to do. I have developed a free tier first, and then hope to upsell them into a paid tier or to take on a 1on1 premium package.

The other area id like to grow is getting clients for online counselling / coaching. But this is a competitive area with many challenges to break into.

So for now we are focussing on local 1 on 1 work to keep us afloat and hope to leverage up from there to get some fastlane action with the scaling opportunities that digital content / massive audience can bring.

We also have local event / festival coming up where we have a booth, so that will be interesting for b2b referral / affilliate opportunities.

For now marketing has been done with google ads, facebook ads, and having the best SEO / functioning website I can make.

Let me know if you have any questions.
Thanks! Lee.

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