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Social media marketing, advertising, and growth


New Contributor
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Jul 2, 2017
My name es Eduardo, I'm 16 years old and today I've just finished TMF last page.
This was mindblowing for me cuz I'm a straight a's student and thos book challenged lots of bilieves my friends and family have.

I started entrepeneurship when I was 13 years old selling candies haha. From there I've tried to publish an ebook, an online art store and to introduce myself into affiliate marketing. I underlined "tried" cuz that is one of the main reasons I failed in those attempts to provide value to others, I haven't focused, executed or researched enough.

In August I'll start high school in an international school in Japan where I'll live without my family, I'll be sorrounded by other people from 50 different countries and this school embraces entrepeneurship and hapling the community. This school ain't cheap, I received a scholarship tho, but my mom is still struggling financially. She hates her job and my strongest 'why' is to get her out of that F*cking job.

I am focused on social media marketing right now and I want to start a new YOUTUBE channel and I'd like to have an interview with an experienced entrepreneur to take off. In exchange, when I get more subscribers I'll drive traffic to your channel, webaite etc. Someone available? If you are also my age or younger you can post your contact info and we can arrange something too.

You don't how much I appreciate your time and attention.
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Silver Contributor
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Speedway Pass
Dec 30, 2016
Butner, NC
Welcome to the Forum!

Eduardo, good work on the straight A's and best of luck to your mom. So why do you want to get into social media marketing (a extremely flooded market) and if you decide to press on with that decision, what's gonna separate you from the rest, what's gonna make you standout, and what do you offer to other entrepreneurs that interact with you.

Empathy won't get you very far in the business world, value will. List your skills for us and good luck!


New Contributor
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Jul 2, 2017
Wow, thanks spicymemer45.

I want to get into SMM because it offers good margins toget started, it requieres more a time and effort investment than money. I also want to help startups or projects made by teenager and to drive attention to their stuff. I've seen that a lot of people my age have amazing ideas or projects but they feel discouraged because they don't get enough attention or sales etc. I've identified a growing interest from people my age to start a new business and I want to gain the experience to market them.

I would differenciate me from others through my personal branding: I would make videos explaining business concepts and my opinion of entrepeneurship. I would record the process of being an entrepreneur and the lifestyle with the objective to inspire others and to catch ideas to make them flourish. To have a blog, instagram etc. to generate valuable content.

And other clients would see my activity and the movement. Hopefully they'll feel moved or interested and it will increase my credibility.

For peolle getting in contact with me I offer: Having a Skype interview talking about their story, how to get started, tips for toung people etc. And a mention in my blog and instagram. ALSO another mention in a future when I have a broader audience, this would increase our credibility. I'm also planning to write an ebook, so their SM contact info will be also published.

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