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  1. BlackMagician

    (Help) Stuck in middle step of social media leads gen funnel

    One of my client is Dental equipment manufacturer like dental chairs etc. I have been doing social media management for them like managing and posting. 2 months back we discussed to start doing fb ads and email marketing. I created buyers persona, created lead magnet(free checklist for dentist)...
  2. tonyf7

    Scaling a Service Business & Hiring a Coach

    With so much focus on internet companies these days I'm finding it less common to find good information out there on how to systemize and scale a local business. I own an appliance repair company and if I don't work tomorrow, I will not make money. I need to get past this stage. I posted...
  3. JokerCrazyBeatz

    Making Progress But Still Confused

    Wassup you guys ?! So if you've been following my story (which i don't expect you have) I got fired from a job I was eager to quit and decided that it was a sign to take my music/ entrepreneurship career serious *FORREAL THIS TIME* And I've been doing pretty well , I've traveled out of state...

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