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  1. S

    Shall I make the prototype myself? / Some good, trusted companies in the U.K?

    So, I think I've thought of an invention after following the advise in Un-scripted - (when you notice a problem / predicament / something that doesn't exist yet, then ACT!) The invention(product) is fairly simple in design (with range options) and I imagine easy to manufacture and produce -...
  2. YoungPadawan

    To go big, or to just get by for now?

    So a question to you all... For those that have "made it," was your first successful venture something you created just to get by - just to quit your day job? Or was it something that you started that you wanted to create a legacy? The thing that your life would be remembered for. For those...
  3. ALC

    Feedbacks/thoughts on Floaties King - Floaty | Fastlane ?

    Hello, I was thinking of taking back something already existing and doing it better and with a better communication/Marketing campaign. Floaty/Floatieking they did it and I've seen them everywhere on youtube, in personalities vlogs and instagram photos. Do you think this is a kind of...
  4. CaptainAmerica

    Accessibility Products

    Hey everyone! I just got off the phone with my dad. He's 94, and has lost most of his vision due to macular degeneration. He never calls me, I always call him. The reason is that, believe it or not, there's not a single landline phone on the market with voice-activated dialing capability...
  5. 3feetfromgold

    Good Marketing/Sales Pre-Launch Strategies?

    What are the best pre-launch marketing techniques you have seen from other companies? Currently working on a product pre-launch and I became curious about this question which may help others in the same situation. It sucks to wait around while the product is being built so what are some ways...
  6. RulesForRebels

    How To Brainstorm Ideas of What To Sell? Or What Niche To Market To?

    **Finding Your First Product To Sell** I notice a lot of people are struggling with how to brainstorm ideas for products to sell or niches to market to. What products sell well, what are hot selling products, what should I sell, what can I sell and make 50% get the point The fact...
  7. MitchM

    I have two different products that I would like to put on the market. Where to go from here?

    Okay, so I have two ideas which are both basically alternative and improved forms of products that are already on the market. What I am wondering is how different does the product need to be to patent it (and in what circumstance I should) and whether or not branding/going to a retailer will be...
  8. ActionMonth

    Does anyone use SqaureSpace?

    If you haven't heard about SquareSpace, it's pretty much a site that offers you a website template and domain. The templates are pretty stylish and easy enough to manage and customize without knowledge on how to code. It's pretty amazing in my opinion and the style and design is very modern...
  9. Castillo

    China Electronics

    Hi all, I'm looking into sourcing electronics from China. Has anyone done this before with success? I'm still scared of china sourcing even though I know they source 90% of the world's products. I'm wondering about anything having to do with metals/electronic components? If they say something is...

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