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  1. C

    INTRO New to the forum! Excited to be here!

    Hello, I am new to the forum but read The Millionaire Fastlane in 2012 when I started college. It was awesome and after trying and failing 3 startups on my own in college I finally started my first successful business 3 years ago and am thinking about selling it and moving on to something...
  2. sonny_1080

    INTRO Here we go!

    Hey everyone! After reading the millionaire fast lane, I’ve decided to launch into my entrepreneurial career. Little bit of background: I’m 27 years old and about a month away from getting my bachelors degree in economics. I’ve got zero student loan debt and I’ve been self-supporting the...
  3. Dedalo

    INTRO Hi!

    Hi guys! I’m a 34 years old engineer. I graduated in Aerospace engineering, started working in an Aerospace Company (3 years) and then moved to a Formula 1 Team, where I am stuck since 5 years. I am not passionate about rockets, and surely not about Formula 1 races, but I love the challenge...
  4. Ash23

    INTRO+ Hi Everyone! Just finished Fastlane & starting Unscripted

    I work in the Travel Industry as an Advisor. I love it, do very well and no, the Travel Advisor did not die with the Internet. They actually have made a big comeback. I specialize in high end luxury travel and help people sort through tons of information on the internet. I have trusted...
  5. O

    INTRO hello from the desert

    so...let's start from the very beginning...I was born in 1976 in Italy, grew up in that 80-90s italian atmosphere, in which if you were an average lawyer, dentist etc you were buying cash a new apartment for investment every year, driving a Ferrari and drinking your "aperitivo" at 7 pm after...

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