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  1. PratLey

    INTRO I am happy to be part of this community

    I will introduce myself I am PratLey. Currently in BBA degree. Soon I am going to graduated but I don't want to trap in rat race so I decided to learn programming languages and to start freelance. My future goal is to build startup in virtually reality , augmented reality field. Happy to hear...
  2. T

    INTRO Introduction

    Exctited to be apart of the Forums community. I have read all three of MJs books and each was truly a breathe of fresh air. I am excited to learn from all of you and also give value in return from loads of information the community has already provided to this point and from the inception of...
  3. KonstantinosFF

    INTRO Hi everybody!!

    Hello members of the !! My name is konstantinos and I am 22 years old! I live in Greece and I work as a pilot. I am also studying business on the side because I like learning new things and I despise staying idle and not doing anything! That means that I am a doer that I...

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