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  1. smark

    INTRO What do you think?

    Hello to all forum members! First of all, a big thanks to @MJ DeMarco for writing not one but two books challenging the current (flawed) state of thinking among individuals worldwide, and showing to all of us that there is more to life than just 'doing what you're told.' I am about to turn...
  2. RayAndré

    INTRO For now, one of many. Later, one of few.

    Hello, my friends, from the slowlane. Fastlaners, I seek your mentorship and guidance. Slowlaners, lets motivate each other to merge. These past four months, I've learned the value of freedom. Let's go get it. Cheers, RayAndré
  3. M

    INTRO Excited to be here

    Hi everyone. I found The Millionaire FastLane on Amazon, and this book really spoke to me. I moved to U.S. alone when I was 12 years old. I did not speak any English then and I had no family in US, so I built my life here from ground zero. Since I was small, my family wanted me to get a job at...
  4. maiko

    INTRO Hi, i'm new here and like to introduce myself

    Hi, i'm a Belgian entrepeneur since 11yrs but caught on the Slowlane. We have a shop (b&m and online) with ecological paints and wallpapers but the job is time consuming (a lot of advice given to DIY'ers) and are also contracters in eco-painting houses. Our is company a cooperative and we are...
  5. ironman150

    INTRO Let myself introduce....myself.

    Hello all...47 and just starting to make waves and leave my comfort zone. Have irons in the fire now and working on getting the backbone to follow through. Looking forward to help where i can, learn lots and get in the flow of this forum. :)
  6. D

    INTRO I am hungry as f*ck.

    Hello everyone, my name is Bolaji, an 18 year old from Lagos, Nigeria. I'm a hustler at heart.. I've did some business stuffs with some people in the past, even start an LLC but they are mostly fake a$$ shit where all did is some action fake stuffs like, design a beautiful website, business...

    INTRO A bit late, but here it is...

    Hello Fastlaners, First of all, I want to say thanks to @MJ DeMarco and all of you here for all the knowledge you share. This forum is really a special place. It has taught me a lot and impacted my life tremendously. A bit about me: I'm 19 year old from Croatia, wantrepreneur since age 15...
  8. JCQ

    INTRO Finally got pissed off enough to do something!

    The feeling in my chest won't go away. The power, the rage, the focus it feeds me and if you are in the battle of depression you need something you can focus on and hate enough that makes you actually do what you know you need to do. I don't know if we are allowed to say bad words here...
  9. bitcoins

    INTRO Hello FASTLANE, I trade Bitcoins and I'm eager to connect and share good info :)

    Hey guys, I'm glad to be a part of this forum finally after a few months of lurking. It seems that apart from the major BTC forums, most people are still unaware of what's going on in the cryptocurrency world so I thought I'd come over and share some stories and what I know. Maybe I could help...
  10. N

    INTRO 6 Ways I'm Holding Myself Back — and a call for mentors

    Hello, I enjoyed reading the top posts so much that I had to create an account an introduce myself. I'm a 26 year old entrepreneur / child of the tech age. I started a few "easy" startups that aren't going anywhere. I've been independent from my parents since 18, but most of my adult years I...
  11. Phoebe Ayanna

    INTRO Just joined, Hola a todos!

    Hola! or Hello!! I've made the CHOICE and joined this forum today. I'm looking forward to the positive changes that my choice will provide me :) Also, would like to introduce myself. My name is Phoebe. I'm a female "entrepreneur-in-training"...Lol! That is to say, I am in process of defining a...
  12. Oldfirm

    INTRO Introduction

    I am new to the Fastlane Forum and wished I knew about this a long time ago. MJ sent me a free copy of The Millionaire FastLane a couple of months ago. I could not put it down, it has changed my whole way of thinking about how I view opportunities to create money trees. I have always identified...
  13. beaskew88

    INTRO I'm here to make the change!

    Hello everyone! My name is Brian-Evan, I'm 28 years old and I currently live in Detroit, Michigan. I found this site through google and joined because I'm finally ready to change my life. I've worked in kitchens and large healthcare corporations, had some fun experiences but also realized that...
  14. M

    INTRO Am I fastlane?

    Its probably more a matter of belief but I would love to hear your take on this! My name is Max, 27 hailing from Copenhagen, Denmark. I'm a signed songwriter & music producer and entrepreneur. But I wonder. Is this a fast lane strategy? I'm making a product (songs) that will sell, stream or be...
  15. Spicymemer45

    INTRO If you like memes, you've read the correct Thread :D

    Shalom! My name is Grayson! I've just turned 18 and I'm passionate in the area of T-shirt business and design and I love marketing and business running That's why I'm here! I also seek mentorship Plus MJ I've read your book 10 times and have two notebooks full of your words.

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