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  1. I

    INTRO New Member Introduction

    Hi! Igor here introducing myself to the forum. Currently living in Barcelona, Spain. I have a nice big house and a car, free of debt. That’s good news. Bad news: no income. I was looking for a job but am not really motivated to go back into the grind. Read both FLM and Unscripted. Good pep talk...
  2. A

    INTRO I've read both MF and Unscripted but I'm lost...

    Hi Everyone and thanks to MJ to have created this forum. A slice of heaven to me. I'm Alessio, 34, from Italy. As you see in my title, I read both books, Millionaire Fastlane and Unscripted. But I'm lost... because I cannot find my way, my personal Fastlane. I feel deeply trapped by this job...
  3. A

    INTRO Introducing Emmanuel

    My name is Emmanuel Azu. I am so excited to be a member of this forum. The fastlane millionaires. My intention is to start producing, and also to meet great minds in this forum that will inspire me into achieving my goals. I am opened to learning new ideas that will make me achieve my...
  4. S

    INTRO Hi. I'm an M33 entrepreneur from India who failed my first 2 ventures. Hear my see-saw story!

    Hi everyone! Here's an introduction about myself. I read TMF because a person who I used to do business with makes $60k a month, and he recommended this book to me, saying that this book really helped him build the mindset to earn that kind of money. After graduating in Chemical Engineering, I...
  5. S

    INTRO "You just have to jump"

    Hi everyone, I’m Simona, 27 years old, from Italy. I just finished reading both The Millionaire Fastlane and Unscripted and I loved them both. They made me think about when I realized that the scripted way was not for me and now I would like to share my story with you. I studied Finance in...
  6. JIRS

    INTRO Introducing myself as I now think I understand the Forum

    Hi There from Florida ! I've read The Millionaire Fastlane and Unscripted once a couple of years ago, and just recently after I joined the forum. I am a 47 year, married with a 6 year old child. I have always wanted to move to the fast lane but always endup somewhere between the slow lane and...
  7. Hadley

    INTRO Hey!

    Hi Fastlaners! This is Hadley from India... I'm SUPER EXCITED to be a part of this FASTLANE community. Just wanted to say "Hi!" and connect with you people. ~ Hadley
  8. stevjosh

    INTRO I'm learning to produce, not consume.

    Hey folks, I’m new here, and perusing the forum tells me I found one of those great communities. Originally an Idaho farm boy, I’ve been bouncing the idea of entrepreneurship around my head for a few years and I’m looking forward to the next steps I get to take to make my dreams a reality. So...
  9. Jhonatan_

    INTRO My intro (and how I want to contribute)

    Hi my name is Jhonatan, I'm 28. I live in Brazil, my home country.I also majored in Computer Science. Background: I've worked with software development "professionally" for about 2 years now, but already in the very first year of working for a company in software development something always...
  10. E

    INTRO im entrepreneur looking to learn more about sales and marketplaces

    Hello i like the technology and design websites i like to learn more about the ways to get money, i read the book around 6 months, so i have to read again to remember more steps i wanna make more money than now and i like to get more incomes learning from the forum
  11. AlexandreGoulart

    INTRO Anyone from Brazil here? I am!

    Hi there folks! I'm new in this ecosystem. Although I had a business 20 years ago, nowadays I'm "slowlaning" in a government job. Despite the sense of contribution to my country and everything, deep down I feel the urge to create something to give me the quality of life I need to have. I'm not...
  12. Iratus75

    INTRO Psychologist, life-long-learner, self-improver and idealist

    Hello to all of you My name is Antonio, half swiss, half italian citizen living in Switzerland, Central Europe. I am a Psychologist (university degree), and also own certificates in Coaching, leadership and business economics. I am a positively thinking person, father of two little daughters (<3...
  13. Aldomoro

    INTRO This Forum Broke Me

    And I'm thankful for it. Late last year I read Millionaire Fastlane, discovered this place and my perception of life changed completely. I was in my last year of college, counting the days until graduation. I found myself in a place I did not want to be in, preparing for a life I would come to...
  14. João Luz

    INTRO Trying to leave school to work at fastlane (first step: parental independence)

    Hi, my name is João Victor and i'm from Brazil, and have 15 to 16 years old (in the school system of Brazil i'm like in the medium of high scool). No, i dont speak english fluently (actualy i am using the google translate lol), so i dont read the unscripted yeat, but already readed the fastlane...
  15. WuBa-Solutions

    INTRO More than 5 years without success :-(

    Hello entrepreneurs! I'm happy to have read both of the books and I have had read a lot of other books. I started my journey I guess around 5 years ago with an idea in the construction sector after I have finished my house. :) I started a website where I have offered a planning and tracking...
  16. slings-n-arrows

    INTRO Introducing myself, including what I've tried

    Hi everyone! It's my first day on the forum. I'm 33, married with a baby coming any day now, and live in the US. This is long. I've always been a little out of the mainstream. As a middle and high school student I was very into computers and learned a lot about programming (back then it was...
  17. Nikhil God

    INTRO Why are my whys not strong enough?

    Hey everyone, this is Nikhil and I am currently going through my worst phase in life. Taking complete responsibility for the position I am in right now at 18 where I have to skip meals due to unaffordability. I am still not able to change things around. My whys are super solid considering the...
  18. GrayCode

    INTRO Re-Introduction. ALOT has changed. My journey over the last 4-5 years.

    Going to keep this short and sweet, I realized I care about being a clear communicator. Which is quite the change if you read some of my babble from previous years on the forum. :hilarious: That being said, I'm here to provide value to anyone I can help as well as participate in the community...
  19. Jinnah1947

    INTRO Lost Hope - But Found It Gain!

    Hey, everyone! I am from Pakistan. 2 years ago I graduated from college. I was damn sure I would get my dream job. A job that was my childhood dream. But I could not qualify for it even after all my hard work. At the same time, I went through such a bad situation in my personal life that it...
  20. Roysc

    INTRO Roy’s intro and foodtruck business

    Hi guys, My name is Roy and I’m a 19 year old drop-out. About half a year ago I realised that the only thing I wanted was succes in money, health and relations. This realization was due to reading a lot of books and starting a company. A month ago I quited my education of financial advisor to...

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