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  1. Costa

    People Complain about this, Missing a very Important THING

    Why Selling Knowledge works? Why showing all your secrets is the best marketing to sell infoproducts? Content Creators and people always complain... "Why are you giving this Info for FREE?" or "Don't show all your cards! Sell valuable knowledge" "Show the What and Why, Sell the How" But it...
  2. R

    [Progress Thread] Road to 100k Subs on YouTube in 2023

    Enter January 2023, I finally mustered up the balls to put myself out there and start the YouTube channel I've always said "one day" about. I want to build a personal brand, documenting my "second life" as a futures trader and providing educational value to people wanting to trade futures...
  3. Vairavan

    0$ to 1000000$ in 12 Months! (Ride Along)

    The Master Plan: 0 to 1K with freelancing,(3 months) 1k to 10K with Info Biz,(2 months) 10K to 100k with FBA,(4 months) 100k to 1M with Shopify, (2 months) 1M to 10M with Wholesaling. (1 month) The idea is not about using one business as a trampoline to get into another business. Actually...
  4. Niko

    Email Product: How to Start & Concrete Examples

    The concept of Email Products as infoproducts is not new. Still, it is quite uncommon. How can you start with this? Can you please share here the examples of Email Products you have come across and describe: Their topic? Frequency: Email sent every day? Every other day? Weekly? Other? Their...
  5. Niko

    European mind watching US gurus

    Hi everybody, I am a 45 year old office worker from centra Europe. I am impressed to see how some of you are either becoming millionaire or just reaching a level where they can be financially independent with revenues generated from their online businesses. I understand the English-speaking is...
  6. Art@AssetProfit

    Art of Asset Profit

    Hi guys/gals and M.J.! Great to be here my name really is Art. Funny when I was a kid I hated the name Arthur until there was a movie about a Rich Guy named Arthur ha. And now I write info product books as an Author. First of all Thankful to M.J. for his masterpiece book. Just wish it came...
  7. SvvyDO

    Getting Leads but no sales? Need advice!

    Hi there. Here's a little background about me: After getting fanatically into copywrting by reading a few of Gary Halbert's books, I quit my job (while getting fired from the other for... having the other job...), I ran full force into starting an info-product business. Long story short, a...
  8. J

    Side Hustle as Customer Research

    Hi, I'm currently using my side hustle to research the needs of my customers and to figure out how to build a product from there. My question is: how do I test my product ideas without destroying my side hustle or being consumed by it? Some background info: - I'm 40, a software guy, worked as...
  9. Gabriel Dias

    18 from Brazil getting in the game

    Hey there! I'm Gabriel, 18 years old and from Natal (Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil), which used to be important only during WW2 by its geographic position lol. Nowadays I am just a international relations student with the Fastlane obsession inside. My graduation doesn't actually steal free time...