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importing from china

  1. Walter Hay


    With Covid 19 causing me to delay the 2021 revision until now, I have decided that the massive changes in international commerce have settled into a pattern sufficient to choose now, after months of preparatory work to finalize that revision. My thread: CHINA PLUS ONE STRATEGY | The Fastlane...
  2. seomatic

    EU - Import of products

    Hey fastlaners, I am working on my private label and plan to import products from china and was wondering which legal hurdles there are to import the products into EU zone? Any good guide, website or consultant? I wouldn't mind to pay for good advice. The official EU website is just horrible...
  3. eTox

    Import duties and fees on Chinese product sold to US customers from Canada

    Hi everyone, I have this simple but interesting question that I can't find an answers to. I think many of us here who are just starting out importing products and selling to US will be interested in this question as well. Given a fictional scenario: Product is custom made in china for each...
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