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  1. seomatic

    EU - Import of products

    Hey fastlaners, I am working on my private label and plan to import products from china and was wondering which legal hurdles there are to import the products into EU zone? Any good guide, website or consultant? I wouldn't mind to pay for good advice. The official EU website is just horrible...
  2. W

    INTRO Self-Affording my own college tuition and the Next Step

    Hi everyone - I'm Coco, I'm really glad to be part of this forum - many inspirational stories of exciting business ventures! I actually joined the forum 2 years ago, this was when I started my second year in college. I'm from Taiwan, 22, majoring in Architecture in NYC. Reading Unscripted...
  3. P3HSB

    Need help importing from china using Alibaba wholesale "ready to ship"

    hi, i been looking around and found a product i would like to sell. This product was found in the alibaba "ready to ship" wholesale section. I am trying to figure out exact cost shipped to my door. The product cost per unit is $8.00. MOQ is 100, so total cost of the product is $800. Shipping...
  4. State.Of.Flux

    Importing - Factory Payment Terms

    Hi all, Long time lurker, first time poster. Firstly, I'm really grateful for all the advice and information that I have read here. There are some super successful entrepreneurs and a bunch of like minded people here that I've rarely encountered before. Kudos! A little background about me...
  5. M

    I need advice: Importing US to Central Europe

    Dears I need guidance and motivation. I am from Central Europe. At present, I work as an insurance broker, but I lose my motivation. I read TMF all the time and I support you! In addition, my wife sells small items on eBay. I found a product on the US market that is not in Europe. The samples...
  6. Ioachim

    FDA requirements on pet treat imports?

    Good afternoon, Could anyone kindly provide me a brief insight on whether there is any FDA or other US government requirements on importing and selling online imported pet treats and dietary supplements? (the ones I want to import and sell do not need to be refrigerated). Thank you.
  7. Kelvin Fernandez

    Coffee and Cacao Import Business

    I need your advice, ideas, and knowledge in the import/export business. Long story short I have family in Central America. My parents are starting a coffee and cacao plantation over there. And I have an uncle that already has a coffee plantation. He has 2 tons of coffee sitting in his...
  8. T

    Selling/Brokering Commodities Globally

    Hi, Fast Laners I have a good relationship with an individual who operates a mine in another country (outside of the USA). He would like me to help sell his ore to buyers around the world. I don't know much about commodities trading or brokering, and it is difficult to find out complete...
  9. K

    CPC and Amazon Help

    Hey guys, I sell toys on FBA (manufactured in china), and now Amazon are saying they need a CPC (childs product certificate), I have got a lab tested our product which passes for the CPC, but amazon are annoying not accepting the certificate, I was wondering if anyone has had any success in...
  10. AgainstAllOdds

    *** FREIGHT OPTIMIZATION *** :: Post here, let's cut costs.

    Hey guys, I'm really happy with my freight forwarder, but there's always room for improvement and getting the price lower. So here's what I'm thinking: Post in this thread if you: Already Import. Want to get your freight price lower. Just post "I'm in" or something along those lines. After...
  11. exporttoberlin

    Enquiring about which product to potential buyers/ importers

    Dear Readers, I am currently going through the steps in setting up my export company in the food and beverages industry. I have done some on the ground research of potential buyers ( Importers/ distributors) of the target market. What I mean buy that is I have gathered information on what...
  12. yana nova

    Canton Fair, Guangzhou, China 2018

    Hi there! Who is attending the Canton fair this year?
  13. Arun Siva

    A primer in dealing with your supplier BEFORE and AFTER the Chinese New Year

    With the Chinese New Year (CNY) passing, a lot of you ecommerce sourcers may have been struggling with communication and or production of your goods to be sourced from overseas on time. Here is something to consider..... Westerners return from...
  14. PersistentlyHungry

    Finding an unbranded smart band!

    Hey Folks, I'm in the process of developing my prototype for which I require a smart band. (Similar to a smart watch, but simpler in functionality). Does anyone know how to go about finding an unbranded / generic one so I could write my own software to use with it, and rebrand it shortly...
  15. constantino96

    RANT Going to Canton Fair 2017 Phase 1, Any experiences ?

    I am going on the canton fair this year, its my first time on china. I am going 1th Phase with my dad. But I am now really struggling with the pre-application for the buyers badge and in generell the Invitation If anyone ever went to the canton fair or has any experience with the pre...
  16. biophase

    The margin is the margin for a reason

    I have wanted to make this post for a while. I see so many people write, "I found a product with great margins" or "I found a cheap product that I can sell for a good profit, but the shipping is expensive". You guys don't see the big picture. There is a reason the wholesale AND the retail...
  17. Dimitron

    Ecommerce mastermind forming + +100k/year only!

    Greetings all. This is the call-to-action for a weekly/bi-weekly skype based 5 person mastermind group for ecommerce business owners, specifically for those whose suppliers are located in China. The purpose of the group is simple: 1) Encourage, share ideas, help, keep accountable, motivate...
  18. Spicymemer45

    Any TRADERS better than Alibaba??? (My first import)

    Hey all! Hope you're all feeling spicy as hell on this fine day! So let's get into it I'm calling in my first import from China's mainland! This is my first time and I was just wondering if there's a better site for finding more relative and cheaper (or better) traders and wholesalers! Any...
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