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  1. MJ DeMarco

    Post your product opportunities at Amazon

    Have a product idea that can be sold on Amazon, but you have no intention on selling it? Post it here. Perhaps an aspiring entrepreneur can look into it, or someone who already operates at Amazon. Every so often when I'm at Amazon I find products that I speculate are good opportunities to...
  2. bonjourdaisy

    FBA Freight Forwarder -

    Hello, I just wanted to pass on my experience with ordering from a Chinese FBA freight forwarder. I found a company called Forest Shipping that just recently started freight forwarding to I've had some bad luck with other freight forwarders in the past but I decided to give them...
  3. constantino96

    RANT Going to Canton Fair 2017 Phase 1, Any experiences ?

    I am going on the canton fair this year, its my first time on china. I am going 1th Phase with my dad. But I am now really struggling with the pre-application for the buyers badge and in generell the Invitation If anyone ever went to the canton fair or has any experience with the pre...
  4. mike24601

    Crowdfunding Inventory through Amazon FBA's

    Hmmm, so I stumbled across something today and after doing a few searches I'm not seeing that its been discussed here before. There is an investment fund out there which earns money by crowdfunding high revenue Amazon FBA businesses to buy new and untried inventory. They are advertising 15%+...
  5. constantino96

    RANT Best niche to start an FBA Business ? (Beauty, Premium Beauty)

    Hey my name is Konstantin, coming from germany and I´m 21 y/o. Already running my own online shop and ebay shop since a couple months in the sneaker niche. Now I am planning to start with Amazon FBA. I had thought about starting out with an product in the beauty category or premium beauty...
  6. Studious Nomad

    About to start my first SAAS and I need Amazon Sellers to make it work

    So, I have a great idea that I think would solve a lot of problems for people launching products to amazon. As the market has become saturated with Aliexpress/Alibaba/Ebay items, I want to create a service geared towards those amazon importers that are currently branding and releasing new...
  7. AnAverageJoe

    EXECUTION Throwing my backpack over the fence. My AMZ FBA/Private Label Progress Thread.

    About two months ago I somehow stumbled across this forum and I don’t even remember how. But that lead me to discover the book and the free chapters that are available to download. Then that got me to purchase the audio-book and sign up for an account on the forums and post my introduction...
  8. amp0193

    GOLD! Selling on Amazon? The MEGA Step by Step Guide to Get THOUSANDS Reimbursed (in 3-5 days)

    If you are selling on Amazon, then Amazon owes you money. They won't give it to you, unless you ask for it. A member of this forum got $13,000 back last week after following this step by step plan. Are you ready? Here we go (Links to step by step posts): 1) SHIPMENT RECONCILIATION 2)...
  9. undertheradar

    EXECUTION From Lurking to Doing (Private Label)

    Hi guys, I have been lurking here for about 2 years. Have always had that "entrepreneurial" spirit and by that I guess it means I get a rush from making a buck out of "nothing", just as much as I hate working for a boss. My mindset has already shifted away from making a buck to creating value...
  10. Sanj Modha

    EXECUTION Just sold my first 3 items on Amazon!

    It's all about speed and execution. MJ calls it The Fastlane. I had no idea what I was doing and if you've ever used Seller Central - you know how crappy the interface is. But the unstoppable mind can do anything. That and YouTube too. The biggest tip I can give you is try not to follow the...
  11. TKDTyler

    NOTABLE! $120k in Debt and Gambled With My Life Savings

    What would you do if I told you a way to shift the house odds into your favor? What if I told you that you could get a 100% ROI within a month or two? How much would you invest if you knew that even when everything goes wrong, you could still walk out of the casino ahead? I am $120,000 in...
  12. SparksCW

    EXECUTION $5000 to $30,000 per month - eCommerce Progress

    I'm from England and I have a part time e-commerce business which has grown from a bedroom operation to what it is now in a short space of time. I also have another monthly subscription business start up and I work full time for the family businesses (for now) I do okay. But the family business...

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