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  1. StoveOngle

    INTRO I'm here because my girlfriends mum said I couldn't do it.

    Let me introduce myself first of all. I’m Stove, I’m from Scotland (UK), I’m 29. I’m a hobbyist filmmaker/ photographer and I currently work in digital marketing for a campervan manufacture company. I own my own successful small local business too, which recently got all but destroyed thanks...
  2. Young Money

    I violated CENTS and my business failed..

    My first product failed and I lost a lot of money on it. Now I’m looking back at what went wrong to make sure I don’t make the same mistakes for the new business I’m starting. Well, all I really had to do was a CENTS analysis and it became clear very fast! First Business (Amazon FBA Product)...
  3. TookAction

    INTRO I Read TMF and Took Action

    I read TMF in 2019 (late to the game) and was very inspired to actually take action and move into the Fastlane. I have a 6# job and save ~50% of my income (no kids, share my apartment to keep my rent low, etc) so I had some income to dedicate to testing out a business. After a lot of back and...
  4. AgainstAllOdds

    HOT TOPIC Why Amazon Sucks: The Master Thread

    The purpose of this thread is to present real, concrete facts and numbers on why starting a business on Amazon might be the absolute dumbest, lowest ROI thing you could do. It's not based on anecdotes. It's not based on hypotheticals. It's based around numbers published by one of the most...
  5. Jinnah1947

    FOR HIRE VA to help you in your business (6 months of Amazon Seller Central experience)!

    Do you get so bogged down in day to day running of your business that you don't have the time to work on your business?? Instead of creating more strategic partnerships or launching new products, you spend most of your time answering emails? Instead of setting goals and making plans for the...
  6. Breo

    INTRO Which way is the right way?

    Hello fastlane community, I thanked a lot about my situation and I hope that some comments on this thread can help others and me in my "new" beginning. Very short introduction, i am a nearly 22 years old mechanical student in Germany and my Journey started one year ago when I first saw a video...
  7. ecommercewolf

    Prep Center for Amazon FBA Needed

    So I've built up my Amazon FBA business to over 10k a month out of an apartment... However with Q4 coming up and also with my long term goals in mind, I would like to outsource the labeling, prepping, and packaging aspect of Amazon FBA with a prep center. This will free up a ton of time for me...
  8. Doctor.IM

    Buying a Business - No personal guarantees

    Hello everyone! First of all, I’d like to give a huge thanks to MJ, and all the active people of the forum. Thank you so much for your knowledge guys! My question is the following.. I’m looking to buy a FBA business. I’ve 3 years of experience with Amazon. I want to raise the capital, but do...
  9. K

    CPC and Amazon Help

    Hey guys, I sell toys on FBA (manufactured in china), and now Amazon are saying they need a CPC (childs product certificate), I have got a lab tested our product which passes for the CPC, but amazon are annoying not accepting the certificate, I was wondering if anyone has had any success in...
  10. Young Money

    EXECUTION A New Journey - Launching My New Brand Separate From Amazon, After Failing Previously with FBA

    Hello everyone, I just wanted to share my experiences with you all up until this point, as well as create a progress thread I can update as I start a fresh journey launching my new brand. I’ve been following the Fastlane forum for awhile now so I’m excited to finally make a post. Like many of...
  11. Surf16

    My Amazon experience, as directed by Guru X

    Amazon Experience I thought I would tell my Amazon experience as detailed as I can remember as it was over a year ago. The reason why I want to get it out there is to possibly answer/help anyone starting the journey and to just lay it out for myself to review. I am 50/50 on trying another...
  12. TenMillion

    EXECUTION Journey into amazon..

    Hey Guys, So I set up a corporation and amazon FBA account. I shipped my first batch (40 units) in my category. It's been about a week I see 8 available. I went on an existing listing with good reviews and offered mine for the same price. Any ideas on how to sell them? Should I do Amazon Ads...
  13. MitchM

    Urgent import advice needed from other FBA sellers

    Okay, so I usually ship goods straight to Atlanta where I am at, pick them up, label them, and just have UPS deliver my inventory to Amazon Fulfillment Centers. The problem I have run into is that I had my shipment sent to New York through Air China and am currently unable to get the packages...
  14. spraybottle

    FBA Questions Thread

    What's going on everyone. I can't be the only person who sells on Amazon FBA here. I know the business model gets some flack but I figured I'd start this thread for people who do FBA and have FBA related questions. Been in the game for the last 7+ months and I've done quite well for myself. I've...
  15. R

    First time trying to start eCommerce / Amazon business at 40

    Hello Friends, I am a 40 year old guy working as a manager in a software industry and making a decent living. With my current income, I can afford very good lifestyle. With that being said, I have the longing desire to start my own business. The thought of starting a business is killing me and...
  16. Cat Lady

    WEB/DIGITAL Amazon publishing help needed - Advantage vs P

    Hey folks - I know some of you are successful on Amazon and I'm really eager for some help. If you have experience in the publishing part of amazon and can help with my specific problem, I'd be happy to compensate you or just shower you in love. This problem has eaten up way too many hours for...
  17. Vigilante

    FEATURED! Supreme Court: Online shoppers can be forced to pay sales tax

    High Court: Online shoppers can be forced to pay sales tax We'll have to wait for the full text and analysis to come out in the next few days, but preliminary scans of the news from my perspective say it looks GREAT for sellers as the platforms and not the sellers will be required by the States...
  18. Brett Beckwith

    EXECUTION Building an Amazon FBA Business During College

    For the past month and a half, I have been working on starting my Amazon FBA business (B2 Commerce). I have started to learn a LOT of new things; I owe that to this forum and an abundant amount of trial and error. So far, this is what I have done: - Taken a basic Udemy course: From this, I...
  19. Vigilante

    NOTABLE! Navigating the changes at Amazon since we started

    A lot of the eCommerce focus on the forum was a group of several that started around the same time. Dozens of us were doing eCommerce, with several different products but the same basic strategies. Amazon has changed a TON since @biophase, @AllenCrawley, @LightHouse, @JAJT, @Kak and several...
  20. ygtrhos

    EXECUTION My FBA journey

    Hello everyone and welcome to my thread! I have read TMF about 1.5 year ago, when I was done with my PhD. Since then, I have been trying to find a job and create an income source, so that I can finance a side hustle. It was a very hard year behind me, but it is over, no need to complain about...

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