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  1. Arun NA

    INTRO A budding fast lane enthusiast from India

    Hi all, I am Arun, a college student from Chennai,India. I came across M. J. Demarco while I was randomly going through the comments in a youtube video. I wasn't aware of his name at that time, but the comment had mentioned that he was a very good author and the comment also mentioned...
  2. I

    INTRO From insane to accountable - forging my own path

    Hello folks, I’ve come a long way and I’m here because I feel I’m not where I want to be in life. I’ve started to become accountable for my actions and way of life when I realized I’m the sole person who makes or breaks my life. My ‘f*ck you’ moment was a few months after the police picked me...
  3. T

    INTRO Introduction

    Exctited to be apart of the Forums community. I have read all three of MJs books and each was truly a breathe of fresh air. I am excited to learn from all of you and also give value in return from loads of information the community has already provided to this point and from the inception of...
  4. Mritunjay


    Sir, as you have mentioned in your book UNSCRIPTED about cancer analogy, i give a week thinking about my cancerous problem and i found one that is hurting me, not only me but everyone in my nation( i have studied marketmind!!) so i work on that Problem by putting my heart and soul but soon i...
  5. D

    INTRO hi everyone, i just read the millionaire fastlane

    hi everyone, i am divya. i have always find the idea of financial freedom really exciting. the thought of building your own business and earning money through it and being an enterprenuer. i have read a lot of best selling finance book, yes they were of great knowledge and had open my eyes to...
  6. Madman1996

    Motivation form a Guy who still gives me goosebumps

    View: Greg Plitt truly was one of a guy enjoy fastlaners make it a great day!
  7. Hadrian

    INTRO Banshee Tales!

    Hi Fastlaners... Hadrian here founder of Banshee Apps, a small indie App company based in Dublin Ireland. So here it is my introduction and it's no easy tale. To start I would like to personally testify right now as to Page 281 of Unscripted: "Satisfying the Commandment of Time takes months...

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