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  1. Jason_MI


    I'm sorry; I didn't see your reply. The answer is simple. I was simply too stupid to watch and listen to the idiots, I mean experts on television spouting off. I knew within 6 months after 911 that something was wrong, and I knew, I mean...I knew in 2003 that the housing was going to collapse...
  2. Jason_MI


    [shakes head and walks away at the horror of thinking people would mistake the Greys.....] :coffee:
  3. Jason_MI


    So.....what do all of you brainiacs know about farming?
  4. Jason_MI


    I remember talking to Erin on the phone. Dang that lady drinks a lot of coffee....
  5. Jason_MI


    *ahem*....that's JENNIFER Grey. Figgered it's time to get back in the game. I was looking at a grain elevator operation that was up for auction a couple weeks ago, and had an idea for some bicycle accessories (now that I know a lot about plastics), earlier this summer. Like a disease, it's...
  6. Jason_MI


    I've been retired now, out of the race years? What's going on? Russ and Spidey still around? I spun by the RD forums and it was like a school zone. BTW, I like all the emoticons. :smxB:
  7. Jason_MI

    REAL ESTATE Self Storage Industry

    So did any of you end up buying/building? I owned several for some time and sold all of them in....2006?
  8. Jason_MI

    OFF-TOPIC .......and your friends do what?

    My friends are all dead. Really. All of my friends from the Army, whom I served with in Central America, Panama, and Grenada, have been killed. All of them became cops. One of them was killed during a traffic stop by a drunk driver; one disappeared in Katrina; one took his own life in Los...
  9. Jason_MI

    REAL ESTATE Has anyone purchased a property not on the m.l.s?

    I have NEVER bought a property through MLS. Ummmm.....okay, that's not true. I bought and sold both Self-Storage places through MLS....maybe one or two houses. The vast majority of my leads come through direct mail from red-tag homes. People who have either lost interest or didn't know they had...
  10. Jason_MI

    Quiznos prices....ouch.

    Given the nutritional content of anything from Quizno's; the question is....why would ANYONE eat there?
  11. Jason_MI

    REAL ESTATE Question for builders (SIP and ICF construction)

    Just remember that to the vast, vast, vast majority of home buyers, energy effeciency is still something forced upon them by the government. I know I'm making a huge generalization; but study after study, as well as the past ten years show that many people'd save a buck on insulation if it meant...
  12. Jason_MI

    OFF-TOPIC Movies

    There is only one....
  13. Jason_MI

    REAL ESTATE Question for builders (SIP and ICF construction)

    Jason, I was hoping that you'd find your way into this thread. Thank you for the replies! I have a few more questions and was going to PM, but thought that perhaps a public response might be helpful to other members. I appreciate your insights. 1. Is the labor savings strictly related to time...
  14. Jason_MI

    REAL ESTATE Question for builders (SIP and ICF construction)

    Any of you using SIPs or ICFs in your construction projects? I've done some research on both and am curious to hear some feedback from people who have used either method. I was a builder for 15 years with my own construction company and specialized in SIP construction. My main questions: 1...
  15. Jason_MI

    HOT TOPIC I met them on the internet?

    The easiest way to make your friends or family see the value in the work, and relationships that you have here is to be successful. I have a link somewhere here to my local assessor's site that shows me buying a house on one day for 7K and selling it the next for70K. That stops a lot of...
  16. Jason_MI

    OFF-TOPIC Why I Left RD Forums

    I'm not sure I'd even spend the time to go back and wander around unless I knew that policy had changed about posting. BTW, bob; thanks for the email and sorry I didn't get back to you. I did get it.
  17. Jason_MI

    OFF-TOPIC What is the lowest point in your life you can remember?

    "What is the lowest point in your life you can remember?" When JG got married.
  18. Jason_MI


    I'm sorry; been gone for a while. I'm seeing the 'fastlane'/'slowlane' name thrown around on a lot of threads. Did we ever come up with/agree upon a set definition? Or is still a personal thing/idea?
  19. Jason_MI

    How Profitable Are Franchises

    This is interesting. I just got done (in the past 6 weeks), spending 3-4 days at corporate headquarters for two franchisers. It was very....interesting.
  20. Jason_MI

    Member of a country club?

    A 'country' club here is where you take a 6-pack over to Bob, the guy who farms 18000 acres and ask him whether you should invest in soybeans or corn this year.
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