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  1. LunchMoney

    How to not get screwed in signing an LLC.

    I truly hope this was placed in the right category, and if not, I'm sure it may be moved. So, one day a few weeks ago a partner and I probe into a local market, take a poll with a local community, and we come up with the fantastic idea of opening a 24/7 gym near my house. Me, an avid gym-goer...
  2. LunchMoney

    INTRO Introducing LunchMoney (Cody McCumbers)

    Hello All, I've been reading this forum up and down for a couple of weeks now and, firstly, I want to say thank you to all that have contributed. You may not know it, but your stories, ideas, and advice have motivate me along with many others. This will hopefully be a short and sweet read. A...
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