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  1. JustAskBenWhy

    Progress Report on 98-Unit Apartment Community

    An update on Silver Tree, which is now Canyon 35. We closed on this community on August 17th. The purchase price was $8.15M; Reno Budget of $1.4M. Exterior Reno The painting has been completed aside for the doors. We are waiting on the signage package which includes numbering for the unit...
  2. JustAskBenWhy

    HOT TOPIC Under Contract on 98 units in Phoenix!

    Psyched about this one. I think I can create tons of value. Underwrites to mid-14% IRR. Took about 5 months of placing offers. But I love this one. Wish me luck!
  3. JustAskBenWhy

    23 Offers on this - thoughts?

    So we put an offer in on an apartment community. There were 23 offers. 7 made it into highest and best. Our offer was $300,000 than broker's original guidance. It was also higher than his guidance during our site visit when it was clear that there'd be a lot of interest. We went $100,000 EMD...
  4. JustAskBenWhy

    HOT TOPIC House Hacking Book - Launching in a month

    Why not? Moved from Ohio to Arizona about 11 months ago. Bought a house with a very interesting foot-print. Put the attached Casita on AirBnB and VRBO - this thing is paying for our stay big time! Locational Freedom - an ability to say I'm done here, going to go there now - House Hacking pays...
  5. JustAskBenWhy

    LANDFILL So here's the deal:

    I am bored... I don't do well when I am bored! I need to buy something, but I kinda don't want to compete with stupid... Any thoughts?
  6. JustAskBenWhy

    REAL ESTATE Increasing Price on my Course (CFFU)

    I am in an interesting space whereby I am on the inside, so to say, of both real estate and IM. Due to RE, I've not had traditional employement in about 4 years. To diversify my cash flows (and to do something very different), I created a course in 2012. Cash Flow Freedom University (CFFU) has...
  7. JustAskBenWhy

    REAL ESTATE Are You a Slave to Your Debt or its Master?

    Whether debt is good or bad is a conversation that is best described as Gift that Keeps on Giving :) There are no easy answers here. It is important to underscore as well that there are market-cycles as well as investor cycles which impact this discussion significant. However, there are some...
  8. JustAskBenWhy

    REAL ESTATE Can You Buy Rental Properties with Nothing Down in 2016

    OK, so a couple of things: One - in this post I am not arguing the intrinsic value of nothing down. It happens to be how I do things, but I am not saying it's the best or most effective way for everyone. If you have a business which throws off good cash, then the best thing for you is likely to...
  9. JustAskBenWhy

    REAL ESTATE What is a good Cap Rate?

    Hey, guys! I just published an article on my blog titled - What Is a Good Cap Rate. There is an awful lot of misconceptions about the concept of Capitalization Rate, what it is, and how to properly use it. If you are interested in real estate, which you should be, CLICK HERE and learn. Feel...
  10. JustAskBenWhy

    The World Is Our Oyster

    It is as easy to make money today as it ever has been in history. Every month I am impressed by the fact that that the more I help someone's life be easier or better in some way, the m,ore I help them to achieve their their goals, the more money I make. Furthermore, by generating income on...
  11. JustAskBenWhy

    Anyone Owns Car Washes?

    Just got a call from a banker. 3 are available. Just looking for reliable base-line info on margins, etc. Any help would be appreciated, guys!
  12. JustAskBenWhy

    REAL ESTATE Wall Street f*cked it up...again Is it just me, or does everything they do turn to shit...? How long can they go on 3% returns before CapEx do you think...incredible! I remember some joker on LinkedIn posted on my article that institutional investors were buying at...
  13. JustAskBenWhy

    What's Your Burn Rate?

    Step 1: Wealth is not the same thing as freedom. Equity is fine and dandy, but unless it translates into cash flow - whatever... Step 2: Cash flow is fine and dandy, but unless it's stable - whatever...(this is where a lot of new real estate investors get in trouble) To me, financial freedom...
  14. JustAskBenWhy

    People on FastLane Are Different!

    I’d like to take a moment to share something interesting with you. Some of you may know that I sell a course for real estate investors called Cash Flow Freedom University – CFFU for short. I retail the course on my website. Ever since I joined the FastLane, only about 2 weeks ago, two people...
  15. JustAskBenWhy

    What's Safer - Flipping Houses or Buying Rentals

    I recently commented on a conversation here on Fastlane which in so many ways posed the question – which is better, income-producing property or flips? A few thoughts - hopefully some of you some a bit of value here: First of all, to ask whether buy and hold is a better strategy than flipping...
  16. JustAskBenWhy

    Is success a process or a destination...?

    I was born in Russia when it was still the Soviet Union. I started playing the violin at the age of five... In a smoke-filled room, with my very Russian teacher, the notes were either in tune, or they were not; the phrasing was either exquisite, or it was not; the vibrato was either correct for...
  17. JustAskBenWhy

    REAL ESTATE A Word of Caution Regarding Cheap Real Estate

    I’ve been a member of the fastlane forum for only a short time, and thus do not necessarily have the stature in this community to stick my neck out and offer advice contrary to the attitudes on the forum. This said, however, I’ve noticed some virtual “high-fiving” going on in the real estate...
  18. JustAskBenWhy

    INTRO Pleased to join

    Hello all, My name is Ben Leybovich. I am married and have two kids - twins. I am in Real Estate, as well as Internet Marketing. I own a portfolio of income property, and I syndicate apartments. I've got a couple of eBooks on Kindle, and I sell a course for real estate investors called the...
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