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  1. door123

    Apartment Valuation Watch

    Exactly, I thought I could the units for more, but looking at similar listings, $1500 seems to be the cap.
  2. door123

    Apartment Valuation Watch

    Each unit at $1500. The scenario above would be when I move out after a year.
  3. door123

    Apartment Valuation Watch

    Price is $470,000 Duplex using FHA loan Monthly principal + interest $1753 Monthly mortgage insurance premium $319 Monthly property tax (est.) $390 Monthly homeowners insurance (est.) $117 Monthly Sewer Garbage $150 Self-Manage $0 Total Expense $2,729 Rent: 2x (1 bed 1 bath units ) $1500 +...
  4. door123

    Apartment Valuation Watch

    Funny that you say that. I'm actually buying my first multifamily 2-3 unit in the bay area with an FHA loan this winter. I found a couple that cashflow reading what your saying makes me the same time I'm sick of paying $2,100 rents for some stupid apartment when I could...
  5. door123

    INTRO I left my job; now I need to build a business

    I second this. when I quit my "cushy" job before I knew exactly what I wanted to do. I went into local services (handyman) & within a week I making more than enough for my bills.
  6. door123

    NOTABLE! Struggling? Go Back to the Fundamentals of The Millionaire Fastlane

    Thank you, I needed this. Lately, I have lost focus & need to get back to the biz fundamentals.
  7. door123

    INTRO Five years of college to make pizza and stack shopping carts?

    Funny you mention that, Medieval culture amazes me. I find it quite fascinating learning/watching the life of serfs & lords. I'm not saying that you should pursue that, but I would be your first sub if you do.
  8. door123

    Who do you follow for marketing advice?

    I would say I am intermediate in marketing, I don't follow anyone , unless i am facing a specific issue in marketing. I used to listen to marketing school & russel bruson podcasts, but found that it was my way of avoiding doing the hard stuff like actually building a biz
  9. door123

    GOLD! STOP Paying Rent: Live For Free

    How did you source this property? Using owner-occupant Freddie Mac (HomeSteps), Fannie Mae (HomePath)? I couldnt find a single owner occupant foreclosed multi-family in my area (Northern Cali).
  10. door123

    Recommendations for a business bank account/credit card for e-commerce

    No, I just signed up through their website. I dont like to speak to bankers unless there is an issue.
  11. door123

    Recommendations for a business bank account/credit card for e-commerce

    brex credit card/bank account has worked well for me for awhile now. What drew me to them was their "credit card" with no personal guarantee.
  12. door123

    HOT TOPIC Andy's AdWords Posts

    Thanks for the explanation. I also pulled up the predefined call report in Google Ads & that explained the discrepancy.
  13. door123

    HOT TOPIC Andy's AdWords Posts

    For example, yesterday, it was a total of 11 calls in reality while google says 15. For onsite calls, I'm are tracking mobile call button clicks not call duration to count as a conversion.
  14. door123

    HOT TOPIC Andy's AdWords Posts

    Google is only able to track mobile click to call links on the website, not desktop calls. When someone on a mobile device clicks the phone number button.
  15. door123

    HOT TOPIC Andy's AdWords Posts

    Hi @Andy Black I am running some call-only ads for a long distance moving company. Why doesn't my phone call metric not equal my "calls from ads" conversion metric? I am confused between the phone call metric & conversions. My conversions(calls from ads) are recorded when the call reaches 15...
  16. door123

    GOLD! Ask me anything about eCommerce (Ongoing)

    @biophase How can I test my product on Amazon b4 spending the money to manufacture the product? I would like to know things like CPCs in my niche, will people actually buy the product etc. Today, I setup my listing on amazon FBM & turned sponsored product ads for that listing. Then I releazied...
  17. door123

    BoltClamp Product Idea

    In the past, I wall mounted tvs. Pretty often I would only be able to locate 1 stud (you need 2 studs usually to mount a tv). I would use toggle bolts directly onto the drywall & lug screws into the 1 stud. Worked pretty good. I dont think your product would work for tvs, but for picture...
  18. door123

    What's your favorite off-hours side hustle?

    I wouldn't go for anything organized like Lyft, Uber, Grubhub. Any profit there has already been squeezed out by the Corp. I would do any service where you directly set the price with your customer. So think local services, garage door repair, handyman, electrician, tv mounting installer...
  19. door123

    Amazon <> Facebook Ads | Looking for feedbacks from Amazon Sellers | Would you agree people paying for your ads?

    I was not talking about the PPC ads on the Amazon platform. I am talking about running your FB traffic to your website vs running FB traffic to your amazon store. I would pick running FB traffic to your store vs running FB traffic to Amazon, due to customer data access. It doens't makes sense...
  20. door123

    Amazon <> Facebook Ads | Looking for feedbacks from Amazon Sellers | Would you agree people paying for your ads?

    I am in the process in building a brand, starting on Amazon then moving to other distribution platforms. I would not be interested in your proposition bc... I would only run my FB traffic to Amazon store when starting off to ramp up my sales Amazon, but not as a long term marketing strategy...
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