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  1. seomatic

    Going fastlane in Legal (Lawsuits & more)?

    Hi, I'm wondering if some fastlaners are successful in Legal? The reason I'm asking, somehow I get involved into legal action all the time. I'm not really looking for trouble but somehow it just happens. For example I got sued by an international top model once. Then this year I've...
  2. seomatic

    RANT The Internet is broken ... can we still win?

    I was reading this book The Ten Equations That Rule The World. And one of the Equation is essentially the algorithm used by most social networks these days. In short, if you got traction you will continue to grow but if you don't have traction you are invisible and there is pretty much no chance...
  3. seomatic

    How to build a community?

    I want to build a community like this forum, just for another topic. What are the best ways to do it? I understand the concept in theory and studied how similar sites get their traffic: mostly through direct and search traffic. So SEO and user retention will be a cornerstones of my strategy. Is...
  4. seomatic

    The right time to quit a JOB

    I have 4-5 years of savings in the bank but still I don't feel ready to leave my Job. Ok it's not a real job, I'm working as freelancer. But it feels like it, because after work I lack focus and energy to work on my fastlane project. Am I procrastinating or is it right to wait till economy rebounds?
  5. seomatic

    EU - Import of products

    Hey fastlaners, I am working on my private label and plan to import products from china and was wondering which legal hurdles there are to import the products into EU zone? Any good guide, website or consultant? I wouldn't mind to pay for good advice. The official EU website is just horrible...
  6. seomatic

    RANT How to deal with the frustration of not moving forward?

    Hello Fastlaners, maybe it's the winter weather or my life just sucks I don't really know, but my mood went just down in the last weeks. I understand the concepts discussed in the book in theory very well and even build my own models to analyze other businesses, KPIs and so on ... However the...
  7. seomatic

    WEB/DIGITAL After Google Reader: Is there a need for a RSS-Reader?

    As we all know Google Reader is shutting down. Is there now a need for a new RSS-Reader? Or should I invest me time into something else?
  8. seomatic

    What's the best way to acquire small business owners? Calls or Mailings?

    Hi Fastlaners, i'm working on a new service for small business owners in a niche. It's similar to MJ's Limo-Business (but different industry and different business model) and im guessing what would be the best way to acquire new business owners for my company. I have the telephone numbers and...
  9. seomatic

    Mark Zuckerberg’s 6 Ingredients For Success

    Hello Fastlaners, i found this article about Mark Zuckerberg's success with Facebook: Mark Zuckerberg What do you think about it?
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