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  1. arobinson04

    EXECUTION [Progress] Helping 100 People Land New Jobs

    I'm running a new business in the job hunting niche... Luckily, I connected with @Andy Black shortly after buying the domain name, and he asked me a super insightful question. You can hear that whole story here: So now, I've set a goal (a pretty audacious one at that) to help 100 people land...
  2. arobinson04

    Sell My Product Before I Make It?

    Hey Everyone! I'm launching a new business in the "job hunting" space. I've spent the last month building a small list and running surveys to learn more about them, their struggles, their desires, and how I can help them. I want to sell an ebook and I have a pretty good idea of the content...
  3. arobinson04

    HOT TOPIC I'm At Work Right Now, And I REALLY Want to Quit. Should I?

    I'm thinking about quitting my job. Actually, I'm DYING to quit my job. But I'm scared. I'm very scared. I'm scared that I won't have enough money to survive. I'm 23 years old, I have a 6 year old son (yes, I was 17 when he was born). He spends half his time with me, the other half with his...
  4. arobinson04

    Myers Briggs Inspired Employment Website: Feedback Please!

    I'm new the forum, so bear with me if I don't follow protocol. But here's my idea! I was reading around on this forum and some others, reading other peoples ideas and journeys and I was inspired. A problem that I have, and that many of my college aged peers have, is finding the right career...
  5. arobinson04

    Hello from Southern California!

    Hello all! I'm so glad that I found this forum. So so glad. I was actually listening to MJ do an interview on the Eventual Millionaire podcast, and he mentioned this forum. I'm a younger guy, 22, and I know without a doubt that starting a business and amassing great wealth are two things that...
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