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  1. garyjsmith

    Want to learn programming. Where to start?

    Also check out SoloLearn. Fastest way to grow is to take the code you learn in a day and implement it into your project, even if you don't need a scrollbar or button that opens up Blank. Get started this minute
  2. garyjsmith

    Do you work for your 401k or does your 401k work for you?

    Timely conversation as it's open season with employers. Everyone at work is jumping on the bandwagon, signing up for IRAs through the company, and I'm looking for answers on how to use it to my advantage (if possible). Employer is matching up to 3%. Not afraid to admit that at present, I have...
  3. garyjsmith

    Who Else Is Getting After It Today?

    The only way I'd have it :)
  4. garyjsmith

    Find a way to do this

    That truly is the best feeling.
  5. garyjsmith

    Find a way to do this

    I've been on the forum since late June and my life is now completely different. It's been less than six months. I am on track to help many people, meet the big thinkers and heavy hitters, and to be much, much more than I had imagined. While my path and goals are mine, to find what awaits you...
  6. garyjsmith

    Thoughts on multi tasking?

    I listen to isochronic tones at the same time as listening to audiobooks. It sets a repeating pattern that allows me to chunk down what is being said. I've also found that multitasking is possible but only if one of the processes is automated. For example, listening to an audiobook while...
  7. garyjsmith

    HOT TOPIC In my 40s and stuck

    You are correct. Small, consistent action is what is required. Assess yourself daily and see that you are making progress, even if small. Eventually, you'll be far from what you see and how you feel at present. I suggest you pick up Born Rich by Bob Proctor, and listen through it not once, but...
  8. garyjsmith

    HOT TOPIC In my 40s and stuck

    But it doesn't hurt
  9. garyjsmith

    HOT TOPIC In my 40s and stuck

    Well, the good news is you realize you need to change. So, mark your post here as the first day of the rest of your life, no turning back. Get out of your comfort zone. Read/listen to books. Meet business-minded people in your area (maybe a local BNI), do not ask them for anything -- not even...
  10. garyjsmith

    HOT TOPIC Book Cover-- What do you think of it?

    You should definitely pay someone. I believe anyone can create art, but it does take time and understanding. If you don't have either, find someone who does
  11. garyjsmith

    O/T: HEALTH Get back to work -- Snuffing out anger

    Wanted to share a pro tip with you all. Had something happen yesterday afternoon that took me from 0 to 90 on a scale of being enraged, even woke up feeling the same this morning. You can't operate when you're that angry, it's blinding. This is how to address it: Write it out, every step...
  12. garyjsmith

    NOTABLE! Eric from Erics Cheesecakes

    Crossed wires. @Philip Marlowe is commenting about my technical reply, not @Ericito's image or update
  13. garyjsmith

    NOTABLE! Eric from Erics Cheesecakes

    Unsolicited feedback on image: Gaussian blur on the globe background, 58% drop shadow on the yellow text with Distance set to 0px. Possibly get a simplified illustration of the cheesecakes behind the city so as to not compete visually with other images in your background. Same drop shadow...
  14. garyjsmith

    HOT TOPIC Copywriting Contest... (RESULTS POSTED!)

    Very cool. Can't wait to see the final product. Congrats, you guys!
  15. garyjsmith

    Multiple Streams of Income

    Good story. I like that
  16. garyjsmith

    Finding Very Specific Information About People.

    Or the United States Office of Personnel Management (OPM)
  17. garyjsmith

    HOT TOPIC Is opening a Coffee Shop a good idea ?

    I don't think selling shovels is less work; you're merely supplying to more people who are 'digging for gold.' If you roast, you can supply to everyone who makes coffee vs being the consumer and producing the end product for your customers. Also, you have more control over your...
  18. garyjsmith

    INTRO I've studied engineering for five years...

    You're going to win. Welcome to the forum.
  19. garyjsmith

    College is truly a terrifying experience.

    That's how I feel about high school
  20. garyjsmith

    Why do we envy?

    I'll admit this thread is fueled by my lack of sleep. For myself, being tired allows this kind of question to bubble forth. A somewhat well-known individual in the sales world posted to social media about what they have (vehicles, homes, businesses), what they're getting involved in, and what...
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