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  1. WHY

    Goggle Sourcing! Ski season boys

    Lol thanks for showing me! Didn't even realize that existed. Definitely something I'm going to join and checkout, thanks.
  2. WHY

    Goggle Sourcing! Ski season boys

    On the inside?
  3. WHY

    Goggle Sourcing! Ski season boys

    Hi all, Was wondering where you go to source goggle pieces e.g. ski goggles. I'm looking to make my own but would need to get a "new" frame made, lenses to fit that frame, as well as having foam and elastic that can be handled from the same group of manufacturers. Anyone have experience in...
  4. WHY

    Pistol/Weapon market growing or decreasing?

    If we think of pistols and weapons they are a necessary aspect to civilization. If you want to include them into "taboos" a ton of people will always be buying them same with cigarettes, violence, etc etc. So in terms of the small market I don't think Walmart was ever "real" competition in terms...
  5. WHY

    Silicone Molds? Who to contact/get foot in door for creating samples

    A lot of great info, but to be honest I feel like at that point I'd be working far too much into the business. Of course intellectually understanding it I get, but I think ordering all the supplies and having to do 10-20 crappy jobs to even get some sort of semblence of a cup isn't me working...
  6. WHY

    Silicone Molds? Who to contact/get foot in door for creating samples

    Thanks for the response! Is this a DIY type situation or more of a work with someone to create. I know the collapsible type cup is already in production, how would one get a mold to copy that and then I can make the adjustments, just because I'm not sure if I can mentally wrap my head around a...
  7. WHY

    Silicone Molds? Who to contact/get foot in door for creating samples

    Thanks for the response. Yes i've wondered what the ramifications are between US and overseas in terms of just overall worthwhileness. Because a silicone type material isn't necessarily "super expensive", and what I'm looking for is a more mass production type item, I may be leaning towards...
  8. WHY

    Silicone Molds? Who to contact/get foot in door for creating samples

    Yes, it would definitely be a silicone cup that is being made, not the mold.
  9. WHY

    Silicone Molds? Who to contact/get foot in door for creating samples

    Thanks for all the responses guys, What im looking to make is similar to a collapsible silicone dog bowl - so definitely sanitary materials are needed. The things is, a collapsible silicone cup usually comes in certain sizes, bends a certain way, and is used as a certain tool. I'm looking to...
  10. WHY

    Silicone Molds? Who to contact/get foot in door for creating samples

    Hi all, Been doing a good amount of research and I can't seem to find people who really do original silicone mold ideas. I'm attempting to create a new type of cup that requires a brand new design, but most silicone companies already have premade molds, are baking only oriented, or some other...
  11. WHY

    RANT Stay In School It's Not A Waste Of Time!

    You ever talk to your professors lol?
  12. WHY

    INTRO 20 y/o high school dropout starting out

    This decision is not an easy one, I've made the same ones. Keep your head up and get started yesterday. Only you know what path you are taking and stick to the plan.
  13. WHY

    Calling myself out on a stupid idea

    I say go ahead and try - get the experience and use it to have a broader view of what you want to do with yourself. Just because it is saturated doesn't mean there isn't money to be made. MJ says fast money exists but not easy money...
  14. WHY

    WEB/DIGITAL How to scale a life coaching business? 6 years doing 1 on 1.

    Being a generalist in the life coach sense is very much of a "guru" type situation... chances are you aren't actually that good in all areas because giving good advice in most of those areas are easy. I'd say really take an objective look at what you can really offer that REALLY changes people's...
  15. WHY

    O/T: HEALTH Why do people assume it takes long to build a decent body?

    You are right, but lifting is the most variable thing in the world. You really really really need to see what works for you and it's different for everyone. Once you start putting "it's x and y" you've lost the long term fitness game. Everything from caloric intake to nutrition to intensity...
  16. WHY


    She was thick, but I got through it. Just about the most concise entrepreneur handbook out there!
  17. WHY

    GOLD! I've Read The Millionaire Fastlane!

    Read it 1st. Read it 2nd. Read it 3nd. I've read it three times.
  18. WHY

    INTRO Looking forward to being a part of the family

    Hello everyone. My name is Will. Been obsessed with the idea of "business" ever since I was a child, and through that I eventually found mentors who guided me down the real path towards the TMF. I devoured the book quick, picked up Unscripted right when it released, and have been a long time...
  19. WHY

    A little one becomes a big one.

    A little one becomes a big one.
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