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  1. AdamMaxum

    Whats the next big thing in digital marketing/ lead gen

    I see word of mouth / referrals becoming more important moving forward as a viable marketing angle. How can you get more people to refer your business/service to their friends, etc? This source alone could generate significant customers if you can do it properly.
  2. AdamMaxum

    OFF-TOPIC What's Currently On Your 'Bucket List'?

    I'll keep biz goals out of it.. * Go to a Lambeau Field Packers Game (playoffs preferably) * Help friends & family succeed in life / live comfortably * Own my dream house / property * Watch my kids grow up healthy and happy * Make sure my wife lives a long and happy life * Experience a real...
  3. AdamMaxum

    Commission Based Influencers?

    I mean, maybe...but probably not. DM some people in that range and ask them....or find another way to contact them and ask. That's what I would do.
  4. AdamMaxum

    OFF-TOPIC "Mr Robot" Series Finale *spoilers*

    I didnt hate the last few was an interesting way to end everything. I suppose the current storyline really ended with white rose killing herself and the rest was just elliot trapped in his mind while in a coma and finding out who he really was while he recovered from the last...
  5. AdamMaxum

    OFF-TOPIC A Mass of Mass Shootings... Guns? Or Mental Illness?

    I agree @mjdemarco Mental health should be a spotlight subject. I do think the gun provides an easier outlet for those with issues to inflict harm. The most common sense safeguard would then be to require mandatory psychological exams/test (?) before being able to purchase a gun imo.
  6. AdamMaxum

    OFF-TOPIC A Mass of Mass Shootings... Guns? Or Mental Illness?

    ########## MODERATOR NOTE: These posts were extracted from the RANDOM CHAT thread. While this is a sensitive topic that has political overtones, I hope the forum can amicably discuss it in a civilized manner. If not, the thread will be closed. ########### Almost 30 people dead in 2 more...
  7. AdamMaxum

    FIVERR goes public, will it become HUNDREDRR?

    Fiverr isn’t going to last..especially if they continue down the path they’re on with moving away from the cheap jobs. I’m honestly surprised they grew this big. I wouldn’t buy this stock. Just my 2c.
  8. AdamMaxum

    OFF-TOPIC Which Movies/Series/TV Shows Are You Watching?

    the last season or two just wasn't as good....not as funny or interesting....became more of a drama or something.
  9. AdamMaxum

    OFF-TOPIC Which Movies/Series/TV Shows Are You Watching?

    john wick 3 - good movie, most killing I've ever seen in 1 movie...non-stop pretty much. (theatre) some good netflix shows over the last few months.. russian doll - woman lives same day over and over again with different results the OA - a bit slow, but interesting..alternate realities..hard...
  10. AdamMaxum

    EXECUTION Value First and Foremost

    I don't do this anymore, but it works for those starting out. There are business owners and companies on upwork and other job platforms? You can easily create relationships on those platforms with legit businesses and use those to build your "network". If you don't like this path then at least...
  11. AdamMaxum

    EXECUTION Value First and Foremost

    Ok fair enough, but it doesn't seem like the best of opportunities. I would focus my time on more lead generation and do this on the side if I do it at all. You want to find leads that are interested and ready to do something. In a service based business, you should never work for free. If you...
  12. AdamMaxum

    Not sure when to give up on my idea

    hmmm...based on your post I would abandon the idea. doesn't sound like you did any pre-planning to the marketing strategy because you can easily see the CPC on keywords in Adwords and know it's going to cost X amount to test the waters. I wouldn't rely on Adwords to jumpstart my business...
  13. AdamMaxum

    EXECUTION Value First and Foremost

    You had a call with this company. They told you they paid another company to fix it. And then you went ahead and spent time building a new site for them anyway? Just clarifying....If so, that seems like a waste of time to be honest.
  14. AdamMaxum

    RANT Florida Teachers Can What?

    True, but if it becomes the expectation...that's where we're headed. Example: Florida allows works out...then every other state begins adopting the practice until kids everywhere have now become conditioned to expect teachers in schools everywhere to be armed. It now becomes a standard...
  15. AdamMaxum

    HOT TOPIC Have Smartphones Destroyed Humanity?

    @Longinus - spot on.
  16. AdamMaxum

    RANT Florida Teachers Can What?

    Is the answer to combat gun violence/protect yourself or those around you... to give/encourage more people to have their own guns to protect themselves and others? I don't know. Where does it end? Until every respectable citizen has a concealed carry permit to protect themselves? Every worker in...
  17. AdamMaxum

    Marketing company, but I'm a pure middleman

    I don't know why posts like this get so many replies...
  18. AdamMaxum

    Mass Niche email list

    Find something to sell to them This could be a product, service, e-product, etc. This could be something you own or something you sell for someone else It's as simple as deciding what to sell/promote to your list and then setting up emails to do it. I would advise not to just straight up...
  19. AdamMaxum

    Advice needed on naming my WebApp regarding SEO

    I would name it what it does. If you do that, you won't have to waste time educating people on what the name means and you'll do fine w/ can also always change the name later if it catches on or something changes.
  20. AdamMaxum

    Help me with my conversions! Big traffic, no sales

    The biggest thing to consider is the traffic itself. You might be getting organic search traffic to the website but if it's for non-buying keywords, you're not going to convert regardless of what your website looks like. So my advice would be to look at the source of the traffic, what keywords...
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