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  1. Jaco

    How to reduce customer complaints by 99% (ECOM).

    Super helpful, appreciated. Just thinking as well, in #4 (what to expect) of the sequence would be an opportunity to include ‘how to use’ guides, or additional info about the product, along those same lines of ensuring no surprises when the customer receives the product.
  2. Jaco

    NOTABLE! (Radio interview) How to quickly get started in business

    He's watched half of the first 90 minute video, I have not had a chance, but will get to it this weekend hopefully. Thanks Andy
  3. Jaco

    NOTABLE! (Radio interview) How to quickly get started in business

    I’d be very keen to subscribe for myself and my 13-year old son who recently launched an affiliate linked blog. He is trying to get his head around AHrefs and the keyword zoo on YouTube. I think he would really benefit from a structured approach or program. Could you let us know when you launch...
  4. Jaco

    NOTABLE! (Radio interview) How to quickly get started in business

    Hi Andy, I really loved the second interview, perhaps even more than the first. It made me feel that I may have headed down the wrong path, but only time will tell. You see, I'm rolling out my first Amazon FBA product in literally 2 weeks. Ecommerce is a completely new area for me, and I did...
  5. Jaco

    NOTABLE! (Radio interview) How to quickly get started in business

    Andy, I really enjoyed and learned from episode 1, thank you! Will listen to second interview tonight. Thanks for helping people. It’s admirable, and an example to follow.
  6. Jaco


    I’ve read it. An important book. Thank you MJ.
  7. Jaco

    execution mode

    execution mode
  8. Jaco

    GOLD! How to (not) focus on multiple things at once and achieve mediocre results.

    Wow, your post is so perfectly timed, in just the last few days I’d been drifting from the goal, looking at shiny things. Thanks for the reminder!
  9. Jaco

    Is buying cheating?

    Click-baity title maybe, I really meant cheating the process principle. Doing the hardest (?) part of creating from scratch. I get your point - the end result is the only real judge & jury.
  10. Jaco

    Is buying cheating?

    Like it. Posted a reply to another thread before reading this. I don’t disagree, and it really was a rhetorical question, it’s clearly a shortcut. I like your point on busting a$$ even if it is down the road.
  11. Jaco

    Is buying cheating?

    I really appreciate the input on your experience. @Kak as well, thank you. I view Amazon for what it is, the worlds largest digital storefront. I get that relying on it solely to run a business and a brand is highly speculative, and clearly lacks the C in CENTS in that they can suspend your...
  12. Jaco

    Is buying cheating?

    Right. Thanks for that. I guess getting there the hard way (aka organic creation) must increase the odds of surviving what comes. Navigating the desert of despair is proof that the determination is there.
  13. Jaco

    Is buying cheating?

    Much appreciated on the view
  14. Jaco

    Is buying cheating?

    The question refers to wether or not buying an Amazon FBA business off of Empire Flippers is indeed short-cutting the Process Principle. It’s obviously a rhetorical question in and of itself, but I feel that it’s still worth asking, especially if I can get any views from those who may have...
  15. Jaco

    Anti-China Sentiment

    From various polls over the weekend: 2/3 of Americans ‘don’t like China’, and 40% of Americans say they may stop buying goods made in China. I’ll completely swerve the political agendas and reputability of the various pollers, and focus on the trend. There does seem to be something to this. And...
  16. Jaco

    Reading The Same Books Over and Over vs Reading Different Books

    Lo Great post and topic, thanks. Personally, I find there is a big difference between reading self-help type books and fiction or other. For instance, with MJ’s books I read at a very slow pace and have gone back to reread entire sections or chapters, highlighted taking notes etc. I’ve also...
  17. Jaco

    still searching...

    still searching...
  18. Jaco

    HOT TOPIC Grant Cardone = Bankrupt (Dumb PR Stunt)

    I second that. The only audible book I have ever returned for a refund was 10x, as there was almost no value in the first three chapters and I personally couldn’t tolerate his narration.
  19. Jaco

    INTRO New to the Forum, and new to the Fastlane mindset

    That sounds great. Are you looking at Amazon FBA or something similar?
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