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  1. garyjsmith

    Find a way to do this

    I've been on the forum since late June and my life is now completely different. It's been less than six months. I am on track to help many people, meet the big thinkers and heavy hitters, and to be much, much more than I had imagined. While my path and goals are mine, to find what awaits you...
  2. garyjsmith

    O/T: HEALTH Get back to work -- Snuffing out anger

    Wanted to share a pro tip with you all. Had something happen yesterday afternoon that took me from 0 to 90 on a scale of being enraged, even woke up feeling the same this morning. You can't operate when you're that angry, it's blinding. This is how to address it: Write it out, every step...
  3. garyjsmith

    Why do we envy?

    I'll admit this thread is fueled by my lack of sleep. For myself, being tired allows this kind of question to bubble forth. A somewhat well-known individual in the sales world posted to social media about what they have (vehicles, homes, businesses), what they're getting involved in, and what...
  4. garyjsmith

    Survey says...!

    >> Maker of much-ridiculed $400 juicer is shuts down | Daily Mail Online Survey says....the market doesn't want it. I hope the OP doesn't truly believe money was the issue.
  5. garyjsmith

    HOT TOPIC The worst book I ever read was..

    "Inversion is a powerful thinking tool because it puts a spotlight on errors and roadblocks that are not obvious at first glance. What if the opposite was true? What if I focused on a different side of this situation? Instead of asking how to do something, ask how to not do it." -- James Clear...
  6. garyjsmith

    I did something stupid today..

    ..I took apart Bose QuietComfort2 noise cancelling headphones. The pleather headband was flaking apart on my head and neck anytime I used them. Today, I disassembled the cushion and covered it with Sunbrella Icon Pop outdoor material. Should be good for another 10+ years. I see a need that...
  7. garyjsmith

    INTRO Plastic and Pepper Spray

    I had a monumental FTE last year in April [2016]. At the time, I was working for a gov't contractor as a multimedia developer and was in line to become a gov't employee, the next step in my career if I wanted to see even better pay and become bulletproof in the face of layoffs. I was commuting...
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