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    PUBLISHING Another source of income within kindle ebooks - affiliate links?

    Better setup would be to setup an email mailing list for your readers, notify them of new books etc, but also sell products. Affiliate link on a Kindle Paperwhite would be useless as I'm not shopping on that device. But an email would work well. But no idea about links within books. Can't...
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    Bodybuilders - what do you measure

    Assuming you're doing market research, and MyFitnessPal among others have a list of measurements and they're already very popular so check those :) The biggest problem with measuring is there can be huge variance in water/blood content in the muscles (as mentioned) but also the exact...
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    How can I find affiliate marketers for my digital product?

    I'd look at the Truth About Abs story for guidelines. He's done lots of interviews, best one is with Tim Ferriss The Truth About Abs: How To Make $1,000,000 Per Month with Digital Products (Plus: Noah Kagan results)
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    Made 3 "Fortunes" Lost Each 1 To The Penny

    In your situation, I'd slow down, take stock of how you made the money in the first place. It sounds like you've had bad luck with partners, so go it alone next time. Secure the assets of the business and get legal advice so the same mistakes can't happen again. Then move forwards in a...
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    HOT TOPIC 1 year later - now what ...?

    The internet makes your location irrelevent these days. I'm in Europe yet make sales in America. If you've got no marketing budget, start off with twitter based marketing. Don't spam, but help people in your niche and they'll follow you. Then you can start marketing to them. Plenty of tutorials...
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    Jordan Belfort / The Wolf of Wall Street (Great motivation)

    Agree with TheBiz. I thoroughly enjoyed his book about his life, but he's not a role model for salesmanship.
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    Looking for help marketing my eBook. Affiliates?

    Have a look through some of Tim Ferriss' recent posts. How to Create a Viral Book Trailer (or Get 1,000,000 Views for Almost Anything) There's some awesome advice on his blog. Have a search around :)
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    Website Help on Start-up Site!

    The best way would be to find a webhost that offers one-click Wordpress installs. I can't recommend a USA host as I'm in the UK. Install wordpress, then google for instructions on how to install a new theme. Wordpress is a content management system and it works great. Lots of widgets too for...
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    The richest place on earth- Monte Carlo

    The big reason to have residence in Monaco is the tax situation. Property is expensive for that reason alone.
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    WEB/DIGITAL 17 Year Old Lauches Bestselling App

    The app is actually quite good. The UI is a bit weird but once you know it's quite good. I use my copy most days. The most amazing thing is the amount of free PR it's got. Virtually every major UK newspaper, even the BBC have covered it. THAT's impressive!!!
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    WEB/DIGITAL Launched my site 8 months ago and here are my results

    If you look at that, you've made basically $2000 from 4000 visitors. So you made 50c per unique visitor. If you can continue at this ratio and buy in traffic for 10c-25c per visitor, then you can make a good profit. So research keywords in Google and look at the paid listings. Take a risk with...
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    NOTABLE! Millionaire By 25 Documentary

    With respect, those you're interviewing have a motivation to like what you're doing. You're aiding their publicity by them being in your documentary. The people on this forum have zero potential benefit in you succeeding; so you're more likely to get honest advice. One last bit of...
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    O/T: FUNNY MJ's Garage

    Enzo :)
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    WEB/DIGITAL Domain Name Suggestions

    I'd keep it simple personally. Not really a fan of Mixergy as a brandname, although Andrew's interviews are very good. and are both available as an example.
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    Advice on my idea and execution so far?

    Are there any products based around your game? I know a guy making a few thousand dollars a month from a card game linked to a computer game. He's organised the cards online, linked to online sellers etc and takes commissions. Add your advice in article form which will be great for SEO, then...
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    Jonathan Koon Made his first million at 16 now going for BILLIONS

    Can't find much on Tykoon, but this seems to be his clothing brand: Private Stock Denim ::: Coming Spring 2011 Best of luck to him. Fickle market tho as the presenter says.
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    WEB/DIGITAL eBay Millionaires

    For some reason the link goes to the homepage for me. Gawker sites do the same. Does this link work better - eBay Millionaires - eBay Entrepreneurs for anyone? It's the first result in the search for "ebay millionaires" though. The article seems to be from 2005/2006 though. Some useful ideas...
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    Are these business ideas fastlane?

    Read MJ's book again. It covers a lot of these things. My comments in bold. In most of the above situations, the fastlane method would be to establish a site, become popular, and get experts to supply the content. But this method is quite common and thus lots of competition in the market. Be...
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    Buying email lead lists

    Personally, if you're struggling to find a good list, do one of these two things: - Sit down for a day with Google and just find agents that fit your requirements best. - Hire Mechanical Turk or a similar business to do the above job for you. - Lists can be great, but can be...
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    PUBLISHING Why the Amanda Hocking Story is the Worst Thing ...

    Great video MJ. This is another fantastic article. It's VERY long but worth spending a few minutes to read. Basically about an author who turned down $500,000 advance to self publish. A Newbie's Guide to Publishing: Ebooks and Self-Publishing - A Dialog Between Authors Barry Eisler and Joe...
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