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  1. oimate

    Are you someone different in work?

    Hey, I have recently became a manager of 12 people-All with their own challenging personality which is annoying but off course a good thing for my own personal development. However i'd love to have some feedback on how some fastlaners have dealt with things in work Essentially I am 'the nice...
  2. oimate

    Beneficial Qualifications

    Hi I've been thinking about professional qualifications that can quickly bring value to peoples careers and financial well-being I've been thinking of signing up to a Prince2 or Six Sigma Green/Black belt course has anyone completed any of these? Benefits? Worth While? Has any other users any...
  3. oimate

    Must read this thread link

    Hi all Just tried to open a thread and it came up with a screen saying I must read this thread to continue-Is this for real or is a ransomware link on the site? Its unusual to have this so just being aware.
  4. oimate

    Hypnosis for motivation?

    Hi, Not sure if this is the right section for posting but just wondering if any of the fastlane readers have used hypnosis to achieve any of their goals? I know of 2 seperate people who would have been quite skeptical about this kinda thing and they successfully quit smoking and the other lost...
  5. oimate

    How to change mindset into being more single-Minded

    Hi, Hopefully this topic will evolve into advice and adding value to sidewalkers and slowlaners The theme is simple: I am a classic slowlaner-Average job, morgage,and getting by but nothing out of this world: I listen to the likes of MJ and recently Gary Vee. How do I go from being a nice...
  6. oimate

    FAILURE Paypal are .... (insert expletive)

    E-commerce Rant against Paypl. I had a personal account with paypal and have been mostly buying using their platform as a payment way. A couple of months ago I designed a website as a part time way of making a few extra quid. I put my items on ebay and sold 2 items (both over £1200). This put...
  7. oimate

    NOTABLE! I've lost my identity as person (Legendary follows...)

    Hi all, Just a semi rant/little bit of self loathing. I am your normal 35 yr old, sidewalker-mid 30k job, house,friends and decent enough social skills. I am currently single but quite proactive on a number of dating sites and I can get laid without too much effort. However, Change is...
  8. oimate

    11 weeks of fastlane commitment-Come join me

    Hi there, Having lurked in the background for a month now since reading MJ's book, I am now committed to cutting the crap, dropping the excuses and getting my a$$ in gear. The next little milestone in on the 11th November 2015-(Its my vacation/holiday) when I'm heading to New York. The above...
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