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    Shopify Terms, Conditions and The Commandment of Control

    While shopify makes the whole process of creating an online store a lot easier than simply doing it yourself without the help of an E-commerce platform, from what I have read in it's terms and conditions you are handing over control completely and your business operates at their discretion. They...
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    How much time do you have left?

    A great song and an even better video to go with it. Sometimes when faced with problems or difficult decisions in life, try to detach and consider the bigger picture and your own mortality. Gain perspective and put things in their place. Move forward while keeping in mind that you have a set...
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    Does Consumerism threaten humanity? Watch and share your thoughts.

    Documentary link: View:
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    Negotiating a licensing contract

    Hey guys, Does anyone have experience with negotiating licensing contracts? I am about to start calling and pitching to companies in my industry, but my only concern is how often I will have to travel away for meetings once someone is interested and wants to negotiate. That is a concern not...
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    Does this make you anxious?

    Chinese Iphone Factory: View:
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    That'll be $5090! Wait...what?

    So you have the completed design of a product you have been working on with your Engineer. There is nothing else like what you have created and it solves a very annoying problem. Due to the Engineer's talent, your product not only works, but is cheap and easy to make. What more do you want? So...
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    My first sales letter...whaddya think?

    Gday lads, I just finished writing my first sales letter for my new landing page and any feedback would be greatly appreciated :) Here it is: Are you an Electrician that is tired of using outdated wall-clips for mounting power points and switches? Are you over being forced to hold the...
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    Clearing your mind and gaining clarity - What do you do?

    Hey guys, Who here has some interesting methods of clearing your head and getting focused? I like to ride a bike at night through suburbs while I listen to binaural beats - you just get an awesome feeling of awe especially if it is a cool night. I also don't mind driving a car at night...
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    EXECUTION To go all in or to not go all in?

    Hey guys, I have the design of a product I have developed within the Electrical Industry. Engineering drawings are currently being developed for manufacturing and I am about to move on to the second half of the battle. There is nothing else like my product yet - it is a simple innovation...
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    Does anyone think like Charlie Munger here?

    Has anyone here read Poor Charlie's Almanack? And if so what are your thoughts on his way of thinking - the multidisciplinary approach? From my understanding, what he does is, combine principles from a wide variety of disciplines, from psychology, to physics, to economics, and uses them to...
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    What is Education? ~ A Message from my Heart

    Why do we have to learn this? I asked and heard this question asked, numerous times throughout my childhood - but never was anyone who asked it, including myself, ever met with any other answer than, "getting a good job". As if that is what life is all about, as if that is the reason you spend...
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    Stuck In The Middle With You!

    Gday lads, Does anyone have some thoughts on the following process I have thought up in regards to getting a product manufactured and distributed with little cash and without raising capital. I am completely new to this and am just having some fun playing around with ways to make it happen...
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    Applying Physics to Success

    If you didn't enjoy math in High School, that was most likely because you never got to apply it to everyday life. Math can be very enjoyable, particularly physics, as it can help you make sense of life if you apply it in the right way. From Newton's laws of Motion, to the equations for Potential...
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    INTRO Call me Maverick.

    Gday lads! My name is Maverick and I am nineteen years old. I am passionate about innovation and making things simple. I love writing and hope to share some good stories and motivate you all. And, I am an Electrician Apprentice in my hometown - absolutely love the job because it teaches you to...
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