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    do any sites offer this live service for free?

    do anyone know if there is a site which offers free live cnbc for the internet?
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    HOT TOPIC Woman Sells Her Virginity; FL Transcends to Oldest Profession

    you said it right, once she runs out. it will be back to the same over and over. then she will feel so bad when she gets older. she will get into other much deeper problems.
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    general question about coporate american salarys

    i actually have not work in a corporate america office job yet. i might be soon. so that might be another step up the ladder for me. right now its only bad retail- poor paying jobs which i only get 10.00 hr. the people i currently know started out at 40k to 60k. i was wondering whats an average...
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    Barack Obama How do we capitalize?

    you got that right! i live 20mins from dc, and im staying far away from there today. wayyy to much crowds.
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    real estate or owning a business? which one to go with????

    any details as to why you dont like either one? it might be useful info, coming from someone who tried both and dint like any of them. who knows, im sure some of us here might like them either if we knew some of the reasons. :huh2:
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    23 year old finally awakened

    welcome! hope we can all learn more here.
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    welcome to the boards and great story! thanks for sharing. hope we can all learn more here.
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    real estate or owning a business? which one to go with????

    hi, since im getting very sick of working for someone else, im deciding which is the better way to go with? im cant decide is it better to go investing in real estate, by this i mean buy one piece of property and then rent it out for income after it gets paid off in a few years. then buy another...
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    Even dreaming about a new business

    its a neat idea. we dont have those around here.
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    Yes Man - the movie

    yes good movie that gets you thinking.
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    Winners and Whiners

    thank you. great reminders to remember.
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    Local Gatherings?

    great thread and advice. we need to do this. we can surely push each others goals.
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    HOT TOPIC Is college completely necessary?

    great thread, very helpful. keep those stories comming. im decideing on what to do in my future.
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    Saturated Market, and pulling from the pack.

    nice post, its very helpful. this gets me thinking in the right direction. thanks for posting this topic.
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    Exiting the right lane!

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    business schools compare to college

    thank you sooo much for all the great advice. originally i was planning on going back to a not so popular business school like devry to get some type of degree. i did hear that employers dont like that school. but the reason why i was thinking about these types of schools was to try to speed up...
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    business schools compare to college

    hi, i was wondering if business schools are any good compared to colleges? i did some research on local business schools in my area, and there seems to be many of them. but then i googled the reviews on them and none of them got well reviews. so im just going to ask the boards for some advice on...
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    is opening an sell for you, ebay store any good?

    i dont know if this is a repost but is those sell for you ebay stores any good. customers bring stuff in. i will sell it for them for a 30% or so fee. :confused: is it worth it? any suggestions.
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    OFF-TOPIC Walmart: Love it or Hate it?

    Re: What Step Did You Take Today? whats wrong with walmart? dont they have the best value. i sure wont pay more to get the same thing somewhere else. :confused:
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    Jobs to move you into the fastlane : Brainstorm

    very good thread. i fall into the same place. keep the ideas coming.
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