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    OFF-TOPIC Money Magnets

    Diane, Very interesting thread indeed, I love the analogy of a life preserver. Suddenly I'm forced to see through the melodrama and realize that I'm not actually in the middle of a freezing ocean treading water, I've just got some paperwork to take care of! :D Janet, I love it! -Ben.
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    OFF-TOPIC Money Magnets

    I want to share with you all one of my most inspirational moments (both I think for myself and a good friend of mine at pivotal points in our lives.) My friend was in a pit, both emotionally and professionally. I was not doing so well myself, on the verge of financial meltdown. He was 3...
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    OFF-TOPIC Money Magnets

    You do one of two things: 1) You decide that you have an excavator with a big hammer and you go through the puny little rock! 2) Instead of getting off the plow and hooting and bemoaning the woe of the rock, you simply shift directions and go around the rock (enlisting the help of those very...
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    Introduction from Megan H

    Welcome Megan!
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    OFF-TOPIC Money Magnets

    Stop looking (especially in any mystical shit); start doing. Life is hard, and (possbily much more than) 50% of success is determined by dumb luck. Anyone who says otherwise is a liar. Forget laws of attraction, forget psycology. Get into what you do, hard. Get in so hard then take a...
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    REAL ESTATE Finding out how much someone paid

    The title company should absolutely be able to find out. Also, you can subscribe to realist from First American and often find out yourself beforehand; This has been a great asset to me.
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    Licence plate frame maunfactuars?

    LOL, no shit, yes. Also yes. Furthermore hit Made some inquiries there, but need more help; as a gringo I get the runaround and inflated costs 5x.
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    Licence plate frame maunfactuars?

    I need a large quantity of license plate frames made (qty several thousand), probably an overseas application. looking for a vendor who can duplicate it and not use lead-based paint, the date rape drug, and LSD in the process. Appreciate all recommendations.
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    WEB/DIGITAL Web advertisements

    I suppose I should be surprised :) OK we have plenty of clicks, anybody ever actually follow thru and make a purchase? I am still trying to figure out if this whole ads thing is a bubble economy or a real one. You got me :)
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    WEB/DIGITAL Web advertisements

    I preface this with the following. I've been involved with the internet since before there was such a thing (think Genie, AOL for DOS, etc.) for well over a decade. During all this time, I have NEVER ever clicked on a 'banner ad' as they used to be known, nor their AdWords flavors, no matter...
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    REAL ESTATE Just attended a REI seminar. your thoughts?

    Yeah, my thoughts are: "Wow, seminars are a great way to get rich, infact they're better than anything else this seminar host has ever done."
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    How Old Were You When You Left The Rat Race?

    I haven't fully left yet, but I did find the offramp at the tender age of 14 :) (been a long ramp, I turned 27 on Tuesday.)
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