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  1. William B

    Landing An Apprenticeship

    Thanks for the comment, Andy! I want to co-found a boutique yoga/fitness studio, but C0VlD-19 may halt that plan for 6months - 2+ years. I want to bring something to the table for my future co-founder(s), so getting good at marketing is the plan. Ideally, I land something remote!! :D What do...
  2. William B

    Landing An Apprenticeship

    Hi Everyone, I hope you're all safe and well during these bizarre times. I'm a soon-to-be college graduate in the Los Angeles area. After graduating I'll be staying in LA or moving to Austin, 5+ year business goal is to start a boutique yoga/fitness studio, but for now, I am focused on skill...
  3. William B

    Any HEALTH/WELLNESS entrepreneurs out there??

    Hey there, AWESOME! Glad to meet someone involved in this industry as well!! Personally, I'd like to grow this into a brand that offers unique products and would find it hard to do if I was selling common formulas. I do agree though, marketing and branding are so important. Long-term I'd like...
  4. William B

    Any HEALTH/WELLNESS entrepreneurs out there??

    You're absolutely correct, each individual ingredient on its own is backed by a considerable amount of either clinical evidence (human studies), research (on animals, in vitro, etc.), or by 1000s of years of traditional medicine in traditions like Ayurveda (India) and Chinese medicine. My blend...
  5. William B

    Any HEALTH/WELLNESS entrepreneurs out there??

    Hey fastlaners, I’m about 3 months deep into R&D and I finally completed a draft of ingredients for a supplement designed to decrease stress and increase subjective well-being (Mood supplements). Although I have spent weeks toiling over creating the best product possible (ingredients-wise), I...
  6. William B

    Dealing with Many Ideas

    Is that an acronym, inside joke. I'm missing something, mind explaining MJ. I also have many ideas, and ranking them is something I need to do.
  7. William B

    MEETUPS Entrepreneurial House - Los Angeles, California.

    What's up everyone, My name is Will, I'm 22 years old, I live in Los Angeles, 3rd year at USC and I'm looking for like minded individuals to potentially find a place with. Looking to create a space where we can have people collaborate on ideas, work on their own ideas and bring different skill...
  8. William B

    INTRO Looking for advice "How to Start Side Hustle, Exercise, Me Time while holding Full time Job"

    Hey brotha! As someone who oversleeps, I agree and need to take notes on what you said: quality sleep > quantity definitely agree! That being said, I hope you check out Matthew Walker's "Why we Sleep", it's a good read on why it's essential for our brains to sleep minimum of 6-7 hours. Let me...
  9. William B

    GOLD! I've Read The Millionaire Fastlane!

    Just finished the book. Great value, Thank You MJ! Easily top 5 business books that I have ever read (among Rich Dad Poor Dad, 4 Hour Workweek, Effective Executive, and Mastery by George Leonard). The only thing I disagree with, which I would love MJ to respond to if he can find the time, is...
  10. William B

    HOT TOPIC Plant-Based Opportunities / Vegan Business Opportunities

    As someone who has been vegan for over 2 years, I can't agree more. Understanding how most vegans can be quite militant in their ideology, it would be viewed as inauthentic and off-putting to hear that the founder is flying jets (environmental impact), eating meat (harming animals/methane...
  11. William B

    NOTABLE! What book are you reading? Right now. Post up!

    How to Win friends & Influence people 21 Lessons for the 21st century Autobiography of Walt Disney Last 3 books I have read... still working on Disney's autobiography and highly recommend it to anyone who wants to hear about a man who overcame failure after failure, and tons of adversity!!
  12. William B

    INTRO Great to be here. I love being part of a community of people that want to become wealthier

    Hi Chika, Pleasure to meet you, welcome to the community. It says I joined this January, but I just posted my first post today. Excited to communicate and watch each other grow!!
  13. William B

    INTRO You're from where??

    William from California (Los Angeles)
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