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    Young people investing in RE

    I have seen several post about young people buying RE and how they can't because of their age. I was wondering how a person under 18 might go about buying RE. Could they form an LLC and have it buy the RE. Can they even hold an LLC or some other entity? I know about the parents helping but...
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    Medical Insurance

    In my begining of this quest of mine one thing I have found is that I have trouble finding medical insurance. I have some medical problems so I need the insurance. I was wondering what those of you that are in the B, I, and S quadrent do for this? Can you make any recomendations for getting it...
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    REAL ESTATE Funding?

    Has anyone ever used for funding? Any other ideas for funding realestate? Talmadge
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    REAL ESTATE How to Partner?

    I have to start by saying I am learyof partners. I had one in a restaurant before and it turned out to be a nightmare. Ended up bankrupting the business, me and a third partner. Was a friend. Have to say no more dealings with a friend. Keeping business and friends seperate. Now to my...
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    coming over...

    Hello all. I am coming from another forum which has gotten to political and negative. I had seen some people from it had moved here and had great things to say about this forum. I hope to become an active member and hope I can learn here. My life in the past few years has taken a couple of...
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