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  1. jpl

    EXECUTION Becoming A Millionaire Before I'm 30 Years Old With Consulting

    It actually doesn’t. Many people, while being incredibly satisfied with your service, never think about how their friends could benefit from it as well because they don’t need to sell it. That only happens when the need for your product is really big or you’ve established a brand. And asking for...
  2. jpl

    EXECUTION Becoming A Millionaire Before I'm 30 Years Old With Consulting

    Hi Jonathan, first of all thanks for sharing! Your mentality of just keeping on track and constantly pursuing prospects is inspiring. I have a question: do you offer your prospects some kind of satisfaction guarantee? Like a full refund if they didn’t get a desired position in XX days? I think...
  3. jpl

    Which are technological open-minded countries ?

    Thanks for your reply. I expected this. Same with most asian countries.
  4. jpl

    Which are technological open-minded countries ?

    Where in Africa do you live? I don’t know a lot about Africa but I always assumed that there are areas where living conditions and growing a business would be nearly impossible for a foreigner? I could very well be wrong though. For example I grew rather fond of China, been there a couple of...
  5. jpl

    What is your why?

    If you didn't know your why you wouldn't be here, because you would most likely be satisfied with where you are and not seeking to improve your situation. I think you don't need a noble reason like wanting to save the world to try and become independent from the script. Maybe that's easy for me...
  6. jpl

    9-5 Job/Stocks vs Sales Job/Stocks

    I am working in sales for a bit over a year now, coming from a 9 to 5 (honestly more of a 7 to 7 grind) job and it was the best choice I could have possibly made at that point. Having the pressure to work commission-based helped me to develop a determined mindset, focus on what's important and...
  7. jpl

    Biggest and hardest mindshifts

    What would it change for you to know that you have XX IQ and believe that it is somehow going to affect your entrepreneurial path? In my opinion someone who feels entitled to something or impeded by his IQ score, whatever it may be, is just looking for excuses or making up reasons, why something...
  8. jpl

    Biggest and hardest mindshifts

    In my opinion you don’t need either. You don’t need to have any special talent or rank high in an IQ test. I think that far more important is a healthy resiliency, determination and being able to learn - from others as well as your own mistakes. Also you need to push further instead of giving...
  9. jpl

    RANT Feeling stuck

    Is there only one company in your town that would hire a web developer? Otherwise I suggest you just apply for a job. When I was unemployed after graduating I wrote about 50 applications per month and did interviews whenever I got invited just to get experience (and eventually find a job that...
  10. jpl

    I said: "The website is $3000". They said: "Too expensive! I was thinking $500!"

    Working in sales myself, during negotiations it always helped me to add value rather than trying to justify my price. I am telling customers something like „I can’t offer you a discount on that product but how about in addition to what we’ve discussed I am going to add feature xyz to your...
  11. jpl

    RANT I'm full of shit

    Also @RocketG I don’t know if you’ve already read TMF and Unscripted? If not I highly suggest you pick up either of them and start today. Those books really change your perspective.
  12. jpl

    RANT I'm full of shit

    @RocketG I’m looking forward to coming back here and actually reading that you took on the advice and changed something. Trust me when I say that I know how hard it is to start changing who you are and becoming better. I’ve been in that bubble of self awareness and hating my life for about 6...
  13. jpl

    Finding friends

    1. an interesting biography I enjoyed reading is Reminiscences of a Stock Operator by Edwin Lefèvre. 2. when I feel that way it’s usually because I am tired and need to recharge. I just take a nap in that case. 3. most of the „big challenges“ you’re facing will seem smaller once you’ve...
  14. jpl

    GOLD! What Are the Dumbest Financial Decisions You Have Ever Made?

    My dumbest financial decision is not only about the amount of money I’ve wasted but also the place I spent it: I played an online role-playing game for years and spent a hilarious amount of 5k mostly on cosmetics (stuff that just enhances looks but has no further impact on the gameplay). Way...
  15. jpl

    HOT TOPIC Hyperinflation starting? What's happening in your area? Post your ground reports.

    Guess in Germany it depends on your area then. A friend of mine bought his house for 300k two years ago. He is now selling due to some private issues and got offers at over 500k... Based on that (sorry for not understanding economics too much just yet) would it still be a smart move to buy fair...
  16. jpl

    The Fastlane Roadmaps

    I think there is no ongoing slowlane/fastlane mixture, as fastlane (and unscription) requires a mindset change. However I read a lot of ppl are working on their fastlane business at off-hours while still working on their slowlane job to provide for their families. I am at that stage currently...
  17. jpl

    INTRO Should i go to college

    I’ve spent roughly 6 years studying just for the degree. Around 90% of what I know now and about 98% of my everyday applied knowledge was self taught in between study sessions or afterwards learned on a job. This may not be the case for everyone but for me, all that spending these many years in...
  18. jpl


    Just finished Unscripted. Amazing Book (as I expected). What I found most inspiring was the difference between becoming an entrepreneur and "action-faking". I was the guy who always liked to plan out every eventuality before I would start my business - obviously I've never started anything. In...
  19. jpl

    Comfort VS Frugality ?

    I think so, too. Less space to take care of, less worries and more focus on your projects.
  20. jpl

    GOLD! I've Read The Millionaire Fastlane!

    I've read it and it was mind blowing. I've been looking for ways to get out of the rat race for years but the millionaire fastlane gave me a new perspective and direction. I am also halfway through Unscripted and looking forward to finishing the read.
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