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    I want to offer accessibility certification services to employer company, as a vendor. How to go about it?

    Long story short - am programmer in healthcare insurance comapny, who helped out with accessibility, and now I'm my company's defacto "accessibility wizard". They had a vendor who sucked so hard - hence my wizard status. Vendor needs to confirm and certify periodically that frontend code work...
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    Should I pause product building and do market testing while I've started building out the product? (More to this)

    Hello everyone, I don't know if this is the right thread but I thought I'd try posting here - I'll move it to a more correct section if you suggest me to. I have some questions that I really need some answers for. I'm a wantrepreneur trying hard to start something, after 4 years of "hiatus" and...
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    Major decision paralysis - need guidance.

    TL;DR - Out of job. Do I get the next fulltime rightaway, or freelance while starting side businesses? Aging parents. $300,000 in student loans. Am 35. Whew, what a ride past two months has been. I'm writing this out of agony, pain from decision paralysis. Join me for a ride inside my head...
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    EXECUTION Freelancing + Web Design = first steps to the fast lane

    A thread to keep track of my plan. My end-all financial goal is, based on Millionaire Fastlane's goal setting calculation, a business system that gets me $132,000/mo. (I don't know if that is revenue or profit.. gotta re-read that part), in the healthcareIT sector. I'm thinking in the area of...
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    Introduction and a question

    Hi, After reading and re-reading The Millionaire Fastlane, and after lurking around the forum for a long time, I'm finally coyly posting a question I'm hoping experienced/aspiring members of the forum would give guidance. My questions are : What type of business model are zero-to-none...
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