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  1. avrashadrahman

    GOLD! From 0 To $240,000 Per Year PROFIT In 18 Months (Acquisition Entrepreneurship)

    How did you find business that was ready to sell?
  2. avrashadrahman

    HOT TOPIC How many Indians are there in this forum?

    Hey there I am from Kerala .:smile2: We should do a meetup definitely:blush:
  3. avrashadrahman

    HOT TOPIC How to scale my business and finally profit

    Hi Tyler, My name is Rashad Rahman i am from India .i have been in the fashion industry for the past 6 years. I had clothing store and also my own as experienced in this field I would suggest you to change few things in your business. have to decrease your manufacturing rate as I...
  4. avrashadrahman

    Want to export anything from India?

    Hi If you guys any help exporting any products from India .please do let me know will give you full support. Thank you :)
  5. avrashadrahman

    INTRO From the city of spices south India

    Hi , new to this forum read MFL and reading unscripted.iam from Kerala India the city of spices.I have a startup and only focusing on entrepreneurship nothing else that distracts me. It’s good to be abroad
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