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  1. Davidla

    HOT TOPIC How to Buy a New Tesla For $5000

    This is based on @biophase original "How To Buy A Ferrari for 20k" thread from 2011.. At least one other member also executed something similar in the INSIDERS, but since it is private I will not comment on it (OP is welcome to add to the discussion if they wish). I'm presenting a new twist on...
  2. Davidla

    From Hustle Burnout to Working 10hrs/week and Loving Life

    Sometimes in life you don't realize how far you've come until you stop and look back. I'm currently in a small beach town in Brazil, as a part of a 3 month trip to South America. I wake up with no alarm clock..and start the day with my morning routine that takes about 2 hours. Afterwards I...
  3. Davidla

    MEETUPS Denver Meetup

    Hi Fastlaners of CO, We've had a few smaller Denver meetups in the past, and would love to get some momentum going on (especially with the 2017 Summit not happening this year). I've been living abroad for the past year, but going to be back in a couple of weeks. I was thinking that sometime...
  4. Davidla

    Flight to NYC + Dinner with Tim Ferris & Alexis Ohanian, founder of Reddit

    I entered a challenge yesterday, and the winner gets to go out to dinner with Tim and Alexis as well as round trip airfare to NYC. The challenge is a fundraising contest for, a kickstarter for classrooms. To win this challenge, I need to get as many people to donate $1 through...
  5. Davidla

    WEB/DIGITAL Idea for a website? Want to learn how code? look here first!

    Lately there have been many threads about fastlaners wanting to execute their internet business ideas: "where can I learn how to program?" "what programing languages should I use?" "how to outsource my website development?" "how to develop an iphone app" I thought, why not gather the answers...
  6. Davidla

    Lean Startup Thoughts

    I heard about the Lean Startup a couple of months ago (here in the forum), and even after I saw a couple of videos about it, I couldn't quite understand what the heck it was. But the videos I watched provided great value, and I went on to buy "The Lean Startup" book by Eric Ries (by the way Eric...
  7. Davidla

    New sustainable energy solution - Generating power from windows

    New technology that enables generating energy from our windows, controlling window transparency, and changing room temprature without AC. This completely blew my mind. What other applications can you think of for this? How will this affect our lives if successfully applied? One of the the...
  8. Davidla

    WEB/DIGITAL Feedback and ideas for tourism websites

    Bought and revamped these two websites, whom previously had ugly craigslist html design, and changed the business model (they previously made a few bucks a month each through adsense). So far the plan is working out nicely. First month commission from Vegas was around 70$, and today I...
  9. Davidla

    OFF-TOPIC American football tricks
  10. Davidla


    I have decided to create this thread to help me track and plan my progress, to get opinions and advice from you fellow fastlaners, and hopefully to motivate others who have not yet taken action. My Financial Goal: To reach 20M$ in networth, with a passive income of 1M a year, by the age of...
  11. Davidla

    WEB/DIGITAL Chosing a Content Management System for my website

    I am in the stages of outsourcing my website development to programmers. I'm currently recieving bids and screening the applicants. The website is going to be based on user-generated content (including vids, PDF's etc), with quite a few databases involved. On the other hand, there is still...
  12. Davidla

    The Crisis of Credit

    This is a great video visualizing the economical crisis in the U.S, made me think of a few more aspects like whats the part of the mutual funds in all of this deal: The Crisis of Credit Visualized on Vimeo
  13. Davidla

    Is learning in college fastlane or slowlane?

    Is learning in college fastlane or slowlane? I know that my success will not be determined wether or not I will get a college degree. But the question is - wether a college degree helps you out in your entrepreneur road, or sets you back? What do you think?
  14. Davidla

    Introduction - my story so far

    Hello everyone, I'm David and I live in Israel. From a young age i've been aiming to reach the fastlane (I started by selling candies at kindergarden for nickles, and continued with fire-crackers at junior-high for bigger amounts :smxF: ). Along the years i've had plenty of ideas for...
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