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  1. dknise

    NOTABLE! Audiobooks - Reclaiming your time

    One of the things I love about The Millionaire Fastlane is that it's the book MJ said he would have wanted to be handed that day at the ice cream shop. One of the many things I wish I had stumbled upon earlier in life is audiobooks. I've been trying to read a book a week for the last ten...
  2. dknise

    PUBLISHING Go the f--k to sleep

    I just beared witness to to this beautiful bedtime story. I think this shows that with a little creativity, any market has the ability to create a viral hit.
  3. dknise server review

    Man I wish I had some affiliate link to post here ;), but I don't! When I find something really good I share it. In this case... it's a new server I got from Linode. Lately I've been trying to find a reliable VPS host that doesn't cost an arm and a leg to get started and can be easily...
  4. dknise


    A friendly reminder that sometimes the best solution, is also the simplest. :groove: ps. I'm aware this is a gag gift / urban legend.
  5. dknise

    Income Inequality in the United States

    Via: While the majority of Americans see inequality in what they have, I see a chart that shows inequality in what the population gives. They make...
  6. dknise

    Dominos Online Checkout Experience

    I think it's about time someone bring this up... Have you ever ordered from Dominos online? It's absolutely incredible. Their user experience is so incredibly flawless, easy, and enjoyable that it makes me order there more than I ever should! Throughout the checkout experience, they have...
  7. dknise

    Burnout Cycle

    It's that time again. Yesterday and today I have done virtually nothing to promote the forward projection of my business. I've gone to the gym extra, meditated, and trolled the internetz trying to find my focus again but it's not there. Saturday and Sunday I took a break to work on a side...
  8. dknise

    And the sidewalker of the month award goes to...

    f*ck You. I'm Gen Y, and I Don't Feel Special or Entitled, Just Poor. :smilielol: Is this guy mad that college debt and a 9 to 5 didn't pan out for him or what? He blames the 1% and says there are no other options in life because he played it all perfectly. Well here's to you Adam...
  9. dknise

    The internet sucks and is outdated.

    There. I said it. It sucks. I constantly get this 15 year old nostalgic vibe that we are meddling in the past already. ps. yes the thread title is provocative so people will actually click it haha. Pages are an outdated way of displaying information. Endpoints should be familiar...
  10. dknise

    HOT TOPIC The death of the nuclear family

    I'm going to attempt to relate this back to business. Keep in mind I am 23 and the following may not apply to all demographics, but it certainly does to mine. Some of you know that I broke it off with my girlfriend of 3 years last year because of cheating. In fact, the only girl I've ever not...
  11. dknise

    Automated ACH Payments

    If this turns out to exist my face is going to be so red because I've googled this repeatedly, and asked every bank I could if they have it to no avail. If this doesn't exist, I HIGHLY suggest this thread be moved to the Idea's section for someone to think about executing on. If I wasn't on...
  12. dknise

    HOT TOPIC Green smoothies

    Aight, I'm taking a chance and throwing this idea out to this shark tank haha. If anyone wishes to execute on this... please message me and include me in the deal! Even if it's a small sliver, cause I'd love to go through the process of creating a product and gaining that experience. I wake...
  13. dknise

    Realization of the effectiveness of cold emailing

    So I'm checking out my inbox today, I have 3286 unread emails in the last month. The email account is strictly used for software development and business purposes, and literally contains no spam. The breakdown of these emails is: 75% requesting my services 25% offering their services I can't...
  14. dknise

    FAILURE The proper use of "niche"

    I'm continually seeing the improper application of the concept of "niche." A lot of new guys to entrepreneurship love to throw around how "niche" their idea is. It kills me inside. What niche is not: We are a mobile advertising company, but were not just any mobile advertising company, we're...
  15. dknise

    Complexity vs. Simplicity

    Hey guys, I'm running into a bit of an issue with the review of my online console and onboarding process. The company I run redefines digital advertising. One of the current pain points of digital advertising is the lack of control the advertiser has over how their advertisements are...
  16. dknise

    O/T: FUNNY Awesome new meme: Old Economy Steven

    Old Economy Steven meme | quickmeme It's more so slowlane humor but I thought it was pretty funny.
  17. dknise

    Zach Sobiech - come get inspired people According to the link, he passed away yesterday. The video is 22 minutes long. As you already know that time is precious, and you'll believe so even more after watching the video, that is 22 extremely well spent minutes. He was 6 years younger than...
  18. dknise

    Extreme sidewalkers on youtube

    I recently responded to a video where I commented about how Cenk from The Young Turks must not realize how money works. I kid you not... I received too many negative votes and was flagged: Un-freaking believable.
  19. dknise

    O/T: FUNNY Ferrari with an "unemployed" license plate

    Ladies And Gentlemen: The Douchemobile | Tosh.0 Blog Seeing the negativity people have against it, I highly doubt any of them realize that the guy was probably an entrepreneur who no longer works. I'd love to know his story!
  20. dknise

    The Importance of Technical Knowledge of Your Product

    Hola, I know I haven't been posting much because I have been REALLY busy, but I have a story about why it is important to know your product, specifically when it deals in the app / coding environment. In addition to my larger project, I took on small app as a third partner with one of my...
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